And the experiment begins...

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  1. haha what a waste of a leaf blower, thats hurtin. haha but would still be cerious of the results lol at least u have the balls to try it.
  2. :damnit: Thank you
  3. Get it on the dyno. I'm just curious to see how this thing affects the A/F without a tune. :D
  4. Got my converter in the mail today and I am currently wiring everthing together. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will ready to take the car out and make a WOT run with the Vortex on. I will record it but I need to find the software to upload it..:banana:
  5. ahah yessssss
  6. hahaha when you say vortex it seems like vortech for a second... I can't wait to see the results
  7. 25 B.S.
  8. wow, whats goin on here? i leave you guys alone for one month and when i come back youre strapping gardening equipment to your vehicles? wheres the stangnet i knew and loved?:(
  9. im glad someone feels confident enough to post about/ do something like this to their stang and report back...cuz i know im not :rlaugh:

    in all seriousness i think its cool that youre trying something different and being resourceful. and just maybe it might have some gains to it....dont know for sure but it like to know how it turns out, keep up the good work :nice:

    at least he didnt buy an electric supercharger off of ebay or bought a turbonator :shrug:

    im curious tho...can you hear the thing running when the car is on with the hood closed?
  10. this is nuts.. haha.. cant wait to see a video :D
  11. :rlaugh: this has to be the funniest thread ive ever seen on the internet:rlaugh:
    but i also heard you will put dwon between 10 and 25 to the wheels,i doubt ill ever get a leaf blower on my rather it be slow, but thats just my opinion

    just dont pop your hood for no one :rlaugh:
  12. Subscribing.
  13. Well, I have done a few runs with it on a empty back street near my house. I put about 6 different people in it, all of witch said the car felt faster with the LB on and half who said it felt way faster with it on.

    The bad part is I havent had time to go to a dyno. The worst part is, rainy season has started and there are 3 more storms on the way so this thing is coming out. I dont want water to get into it and end up frying some **** out in my car.
  14. take it off until u get into the building?
  15. It is a **** to take on and off...but yeah that might be what I do.
  16. how did I miss this thread yesterday??
  17. :nono: Leaf Blower........on a 25000 car?
  18. uhhh......I bet its only worth 10k in this day and age.