And the experiment begins...

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  1. Since you liked the looks of the GT, did you ever think about modding it with a blower? If you're already upside down in trade, why blow up your perfectly healthy (though I agree UNDERPOWERED) motor?

    This will only result in a car that may have value for parts.

    If you supercharged for 4K, be it KB or Vortech, or who ever you choose, you could keep the car you like and enjoy it, instead of going 10K upside down with your trade, for something that the blown stang will very possibly beat.

    :shrug: It just doesn't make sense to me on the dollar side of trading.

    Good luck with your project though!
  2. no way dude

    physics saya no way man. the blower flows less cfm than you motor needs. it feels faster because it is going slower. it ALWAYS fells faster when it slows down. SOTP means crap.
  3. it has been done before,and added 24rwhp, and with nitrous it add 30something rwhp..
  4. That's cool, I think i might go with a twin toro combination. Can you just imagine the boost twin toro's would create?
  5. Ur nuts haha.. pretty funny tho
  6. how do you figure? CFM = cubic feet per minute. the volume of air flowing into the motor. less cfm = less power. are you seriously arguing that?

    this is thier top of the line. better than his.
    air velocity
    230 mph- so what.

    air volume
    380 cfm:typical cfm needs for 281 = 580-700cfm

    yes 380 cfm. not 500-700 but 380 cfm max. the motor is wheezing at 5000. come on now. no way i believe 24 rwhp. 27 fwhp. 287 hp? with ONLY 380 cfm. that is the most amazing thing. so i need to switch to a 1 1/2" inlet tube and i will gain 27 fwhp. i am changing it tomorrow. thanks dude.
  7. There is no reality to that statement whatsoever. how can somehting feel faster when it's going slower.... that's retarded:notnice:
  8. I guess the only way to prove it is it dyno it. When I get some extra money, I'll do the mod and get the dyno results with and without the LB.

    Obviously he has ;) He's getting it leaf blown right now!
  9. Why? So I can get beat by a LS1 with a few bolt ons? Even supercharged the GT's put maybe 400rwhp...weak

    That is the stupidest statement ive ever heard...:scratch:

    It can still suck past the leaf blower....It just helps blow air easier meaning more air can be sucked in...Dont matter I got a dyno date so you doubters can stfu :owned:
  10. man i cant believe how defensive everyones getting over this! WHo the hell cares if he thinks mustangs suck. I think this is a really cool experiment that definately hold some potential. Go look at the damn video posted earlier in the thread, those cars got up to 25hp! Leave him alone you guys are actin like a bunch of stuck up brats
  11. :stupid: Really! All he's doing is experimenting. We've all done that before, just with different things. The best engineers start off this way!
  12. Having and old college flash back about that time you and your male roomate decided to play a drunken game of truth or dare, huh? :rlaugh:
  13. the blower by itself can only add as much power as it makes. Lets say the electric motor in the blower puts out a big bad 1.5 hp, not bad for a leaf blower, but not much of a gain on a V8. Any other gains (or losses) will be a byproduct of whatever effect the blower has on the vehicles tune rather than its 'forced induction' capabilites.
  14. everyone in support of this thread is a XXXmustangrayXXX, And Jmajorboner is a little dillusional if he thinks 400wrhp isnt enough for the street(and If not why dont you spend 10k and have 500hp+ car; or will the supercharged ls1's beat that therefore making your 500hp stang weak?)
  15. Well its off now but before I did I had 2 races with it...92 LT1 (not stock) Beat it....02 LS1 (stock) Beat it by about a car. If I could find the damn software for my camcorder the video would be online :bang:

  16. ok, i've gotta agree with everyone else........

    that is THE stupidest comment I ever heard, so stupid its going in my signature......
  17. I think everyone needs to lay off this guy, let him do what he wants to his car. I personally think it is ****ing hilarious that he wants to spend all this time and effort into something 99% of us only laugh about. At least we now will have valid proof of your curiousities about leaf blowers. He is a pioneer in one of the dumbest ideas ever created, so what? :D

    And by the way, the comment about the SOTP feeling that bill stated is also going to have to go in my sig for the dumbest comment on SN evAr!
  18. sarcasm dude. you have heard of that haven't you ?
  19. Yup, we have….we’ve heard of the term "back-pedaling" too.

    .....just playin Bill :D