And the experiment begins...

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  1. I think it is time for some twins now :D
  2. maybe an aftercooler is in store for this blower.
  3. Muahahahhah. How would you pipe that?
  4. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: [​IMG] :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  5. Lmao...Classic
  6. Oh and I suggest everyone update your sig.
  7. I wonder what my neighbors would say if I'd take a leafblower out of my hood on the weekends.

  8. thats not b/c of the leaf blower queerbait.

    i cant believe this thread. what a travesty to the mustang. you should kill yourself.
  9. Well after you add all the connectors and the power inverter(which I was getting anyway) It came out to barley over $200...But still about the same if not less then CAI :nice:
  10. Yeah..................................... What a thread.

    You know the only (if any) hp is going to be at one point in the powerband. S/C's are belt driven for a reason.
  11. Another jealous, and proven wrong person...Its out, did no damage, and I probably didnt beat the LS1 because of it. But my point was made...What other mod can you get 10rwhp out of? And how much is that mod? Mustang is a travesty to itself...Like I said before...Crappy 4.6 no power making piece of ****
  12. I have the video showing the results...which includes a graph of both stock and Flip Switched...Soon it will be on here :ZipIt:

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    ok, i think im done. :rlaugh: sooo jelous!! maybe one day i can afford such a bad ass mod!! i mean, w/ power and a mod like that, i would be the coolest guy ever!!! everyone would say, "man, that guy has such a bad ass mustang! he has to have the biggest penis ever!!"

    a guy can dream cant he?? day.....
  14. No they would say..."what a piece of **** mustang" which is my ultimate goal...Dont buy a Rustang
  15. If I were you I wouldn't say anything. You bought a mustang cause it 'looked' fast.
  16. That install looked a lot more cleaner than I thought it would.

    10 rwhp is quite a bit for $200. You know, if you took this idea, renamed it so nobody would think its a leaf blower, you might be able to make some money. At the very least, some ebay money.

    Sell a package with the mountings, "leaf blower", power converter, wiring, instructions, etc, for $300 and say it made 30 rwhp, when it actually makes 10 rwhp thats about right on par.

    In fact, if you don't do it, I'm sure someone else will :D

    However, I'd like to see stock vs. ... "blown" graphs so we can see the AF and the whole curve. My only concern right now is if the leaf blower has to be on all the time for the car to run properly. Or if it does run with it off, will restrictions caused by the airflow passing through the blower reduce otherwise stock airbox power (I'd imagine so). And finally, if it is required to be on all the time, will that have any negative effects on the electrical system?
  17. And you are correct, sir :D
  18. um..i think i would rather be without 10 hp than have a leaf blower under my hood.
  19. My mother drives a toyota Prius, it's a damn nice little car and good gas mileage, but when winter comes the H2 comes out of the garage.

    Gl on that leaf blower.