And the experiment begins...

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  1. holy hell...when did all the tools from mustangworld come over here?? :scratch:

  2. Good idea.....
  3. jmajorboner is a troll who has done nothing to his car, and probley doesn't own a mustang. He is here to create threads such as this to make us look like *******s. His next thread will be about how he couldn't loosen the plug to his oil pan so he took the filter off and let car run and shot oil all over his garage.
  4. that was one hell of a funny story
  5. You guys are sure quick to bash the guy that may have gotten 10 rwhp for $200. And I'm POSITIVE that this isn't the most efficient manner to accomplish this :p

    BTW OP, I'd suggest cutting away or otherwise taking off the vacum portion of the leaf blower and just leaving the pin to reduce useless stress on the motor. Good for 0.003 HP I'm sure

  6. Cut off your exhaust tips and stick a pair of these propellers on there. It will suck more and more exhaust out the harder you step on it enabling the leaf blower to ram more air in.

    View attachment 499555

    heh-heh.....heh......heh-heh-heh.....I just said "suck"....heh-heh-heh
  7. Lol I just got another idea, if anybody plays paintball, we should try to hook up a 4500 psi air tank to the TB or something that pushes the pin everytime the TB is opened. It would probably last 20 seconds, but hey, it's gotta do something right? :p
  8. I hope you added the necessary fuel mods.
  9. You got me...:(
  10. Get back to me and everything I asked NOW!!! grrrg anger grr wants 10 hp
  11. I'm sure you do, but where are you going to find the other 7-9hp he's missing?
  12. Oh wait... who the hell said 10 rwhp?
  13. So you stuck a cork in the intake (the unpowered leaf blower - you did say it's a major PITA to remove), dyno'd it with it off, then turned it on and picked up power? Big surprise. And your friend/SOTP test... same thing. You put a restriction in the intake tube, car was slower. You turned on the leaf blower and it was faster. Wow! And if you tell me the leaf blower flows air just like stock when it's turned off, I'll tell you to prove it, because I guarantee you're wrong.

    You could have saved $200, stuck your pecker in the intake tube, dyno'd it, removed your pecker, and picked up 10 hp. Then everyone would put their peckers in the intake tube to pick up 10 hp.

    Why the hell am I even posting here??? I'll go away for another few years.

  14. :rlaugh:
  15. sometime's its sheer amusement that keeps people around
  16. and you guys make fun of me for making a non-sensical statements.