And the experiment begins...

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  1. You think I haven't dynoed my car before? ****tard I put down 216 and 215 when I first got my car dynoed in the heat on summer. Ask next time.
  2. How about all the flaming stops here. The guy performed an experment on his Mustang. What's the big deal?

    Just try making fun of me when I hook up an intercooled snow blower to my GT this winter. :mad:
  3. OK... I'll be a little more mature than you and avoid calling you names.

    You went to the dyno "in the heat on(sic) the summer", so you acknowledge that your results would have been less then than they would be now. Most would agree that your results now should be greater than they were then since it is (assumed) cooler now. So, tack on 5-10 hp to your 215 and you'd be at 225 hp. Fast forward to your latest play day. You stuck the cork in, turned out 215 hp (should have been more since it's cooler now, right?), turned your hair dryer on, and made 225 hp - right around what you should have made with a stock car. I believe my line of reasoning still makes sense.

    Also, Brothers has a Dynojet, per their website. Your car should have put down 225 hp STOCK before you put the hair dryer on. I've yet to see a manual trans PI headed car when properly run on a Dynojet make less than 225 hp. I fail to see an improvement.

    mrvax (howdy, BTW) ... I wouldn't shame the scientific community by calling this an experiment. There was absolutely no control. This was merely playtime with a Lewinsky (suck/blow - it's what we call a leaf blower) that proved nothing more than a fan, when off, reduces power and restores it when you turn the fan back on. Glad this is "talk" and not "tech".
  4. Hey Keith, I call it a young person tinkering. It's pretty interesting attempting to force more air into the engine w/o using conventional blowers. Live and learn. If I did not know (from reading it here) the CFM of the leaf blower I'd have guessed it may help.

    When I use a leaf blower around the yard, it sure feels like a tornado (another wonderful invention). But if the leaf blower really only pushes 350cfm, that usually about what a 4 banger draws at WOT.
  5. What if you put a Turbonator INSIDE the leaf blower, thus creating the "Vortex" they advertise? more CFM?
  6. One other thing you have to keep in mind when using an electric blower [as opposed to the one they used in the vid] is the added drag the alternator is going to cause by having to power the 110 volt converter in order to power the leaf blower.
  7. This thread makes me want a
  8. I first heard about leafblower and tornados back in 99, and the only guys doing it were the guys in 80's honda civic's. I thought it was stupid then, but the fact that some people are nieve enough to think they can step around physics and then try to defend their actions, after its been proven many times to be worthless.
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Stop making fun and let's get down to business...

    How much for my girls blow drier.
    She's blown me out of the bathroom before with it. Oh YES, TRUST ME, I KNOW!


    Personally, I think it's the weight of the converter. I think extension cords would reduce the weight. Damn near reminds me of an old episode of the Beverly Hillbilly's, where Jefroe bought a electric car... Damn, gave my age away!

  11. Back from the dead. Muahahaha.
  12. Irony of the situation: His GT is totaled now... couldn't handle the "****ty 4.6 no power ****"

  13. thats priceless :rlaugh:
  14. all that boost just made the car WAY too fast for him to handle i guess.
  15. oh good i thought boner was back.
  16. wow, this thread brings back memories....

    i figured he would try a quad leaf blower setup. running off the alternator no less.
  17. Now that I just went through 8 pages of this...I'd swear....wait....yess...i have definately lost more brain cells than I did this past weekend