Anderson 6200 Top End Or Trick Flow

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  1. ive decided on a top end kit and cant decide between the Anderson 6200 rpm naturally aspirated top end or trick flow with street burner intake top end which gets the most power. and I have 3.73 gears in the car now what stall converter will work best with the Anderson top end
  2. Have a link to both? That will make the comparison easier. I am not familiar with the Anderson top end at all.

    Also, is the car stock otherwise (except gears) or do you have other supporting mods?
  3. i have 3.73 gears ford racing driveshaft offroad h pipe 10 series flowmasters k&n filter and silencer removed
  4. the Anderson kit has a n41 cam twisted wedge heads and a professional products intake
  5. Personally, I like the N41 cam better, but the TFS intake is probably better quality. I have seen several people post decent results with the PP intake, but I know quality is a little lacking. Honestly though, I'm not a huge fan of the street heat intake either as far as performance goes.

  6. I'd stick with the Trick Flow kit. You couldn't pay me enough to put that Chinese built piece of crap intake on my car.

    Either kit is going to need supporting mods like a better throttle body, MAF and injectors to perform to their projected power levels.

    And at that point, you have to decide how much money you want to spend and how far you want to push the power levels?
  7. im looking for maybe high 200s low 300 hp at the wheels the Anderson kit is 2395 compared to the trick flow it 2699.99 where the Anderson kit has the same heads as the tfs kit just the cam and intake are different
  8. The Anderson kit is cheaper because it uses lesser quality components. The Typhoon intake, PRW roller rockers and pushrods are your difference in price and quality.

    If high 200's, is all you're shooting for, then either kit will probably hit your horsepower goal. If you're wanting to make beyond 290hp or so, you're going to need to upgrade your injectors and mass air. The stock 19lb/hr injectors and 55mm MAF meter aren't going to cut it.
  9. Im going to upgrade maf injectors pump and. just wanted peoples opinions on the Anderson kit if its worth its money value
  10. People gave your their opinion. The Anderson kit uses cheaper parts- that is why it is cheaper. Would I put one of those intakes and rockers on my car? Nope. You can piece together the TFS kit yourself with a different cam, intake. etc. but then you run the risk of having mismatched parts and/or spending more. If you are a newb then spend the money and get the TFS kit, as it comes with everything you need. I would not get the track heat as it is meant for higher rpm band and you will lose torque on the bottom end.

    You are also going to need a larger throttle body, good set of headers, an ajustable FPR. I would also at the same time put on a new water pump, new thermostat, new timing cover seal, new balancer and although people will say not needed- upgrade your MAF and injectors. If you know what to look for you can find some good deals on used parts, but caveat emptor. I would not buy used heads unless I can touch them first. Too many horror scammers.
  11. ok Ill go with the tfs kit. seems like its a kit that's been proven time and time again
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  12. good choice...for a few $$$ more cant go wrong...
  13. will the 19 lb injectors still be good or do I need 24 lb injectors
  14. If you never plan on making more power than this kit will produce, go with the 24lb/hr injectors. I'd personally look at 30lb/hr squirters, just to give you a little room to grow and keep the BSFR on the low side and the injectors well under the 80% maximum. Remember, you will need a MAF unit to match.
  15. will the 19s be fine till I have the money to get the ford racing 24 fuel system from latemodelrestoration
  16. The 19's will suffice until you can afford a future upgrade. Personally the throttle body would be next on my radar as well as an adjustable fpr. You can look to increase the size of the mass air with a junk yard piece and that can help too. Do you have plans for more power past this modification or will you be trying to optimize this combo?
  17. really I planned on the tfs kit tb maf and if the 19s will handle it keep those nothing really past that power wise not looking for terminator killer
  18. You can legitimatly get away with 19's but I would upgrade to a pmas maf at the least. If you plan on taking the engine any farther you will be looming at a fuel system upgrade as well
  19. yeah I know thanks I plan on maf upgrade and when I upgrade further down the road for more power ill upgrade the fuel system
  20. For these top end kit, youll always wanna budget about another grand or 1500 for supporting modifications and just in case other stuff starts to break with the increased power. Youre spending 2500 on this kit, you dont want to shortchange yourself. Spend the extra money and get your moneys worth.