Anderson cams??

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  1. Any one running an Anderson cam? Was gonna go with a TFS-1 but i want a lumpy idle and the TFS has a somewhat tame idle? The AFM cam is however about twice the price! Is it worth it?? I think it was the N-41 cam I was looking at??
  2. Ive ran and anderson n-41 in the past and just had another and sold it new. They have very poor idle and will cause some issues but when you clear about 2k they come on like a 2 stroke dirt bike.
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  3. If you're choosing a cam just because you want a lumpy idle, you may as well close your eyes, flip open a cam catalog, and randomly choose the first thing your finger lands on.
  4. Not choosing a cam just for idle. I want somthing that will pull hard but, I also want it to be lumpy, thats why im asking for advice so maby i wont have to go several cams be for I find what im looking for. thanks
  5. F-cam. can be had cheap, or a b-cam.
  6. Check out the B-41 cam. Pretty lumpy idle but when matched properly with the right components comes on super hard after 3grand and keeps pulling to 6500. At least in my case. Even when we dynoed it to 7000, power still didn't drop off that much.
  7. The right way to chose a cam is to first decide on a manufacturer (Comp, Isky, Anderson, whatever), call them, tell them your combo and ask them for a recommendation based on your goals.

    The BEST way to chose a cam is have a custom one ground for your car.

    Even though they are cheaper, there are better cams out there than the Trick Flow and the FRPP stuff. If you are dead set on running one of those cams, you could talk to a tech rep at Summit racing, they are usually pretty helpful.

    Though you can (usually) get some good info from a website like this one, cam recommendations are probably something you should leave to the pros. Cams are not a "one size fits all" ordeal- a cam that might work for John Doe here, may not be the best for your particular application. Hell, it may not even be the best for his, so why chance it?
  8. Honestly, how many different applications are out there? Not many, so in essance...yes, a one size could fit all. Just like the AFM cams, many have had great success with them using pretty close combo's.

    Only thing i see the custom cams being usefull for is surging at low speeds,etc.

    All i've ran is AFM cams, all performed as advertised and i've been extremely happy!
  9. Let me give you one piece of advice. Whatever you buy -

    Buy it new. And buy it from a dealer.
  10. If that were true, why does AFM currently offer 20 different grinds? If you could get away with "one size fits all", do you think they'd need to offer so many different grinds?
  11. Thats a FI cam...
  12. Look at how many people run the N41, N91, B4, etc... one cam fitting many combo's. The B21 used in n/a and forced induction.

    I'm not going to split hairs with ya. One size fits many, not all. :nice:
  13. I ran one years ago N61, worked great not that calmest thing running around on the street but neither was my It did what it was advertised to do and gave me those 11 sec time slips I was after.

    I replied to another one of your threads about the GT40 heads, if you have them I'd personally go with the TFS 1 cam, it will work very well and the lope actually is noticable. You will also most likely be able to get away with the valve springs you have, most of the AFM stuff has an aggeresive ramp rate and youll need springs. Check your spring pressure regardless of what cam you end up with...

    For the price I have found the Stage 1 cam works well on lightly modified street set-ups, otherwise I still prefer to do my own custom cams for my customers engines.

    So what is your combo?
  14. thanks for all the help, Rick, current combo is mostly stock. c.a.i. full aftermkt. exhaust 4:10 and 150 hp n20 kit, have sitting on the bench gt-40 heads, explorer intake,1:6 rr"s 30# inj w/ c&l meeter .(so far)
  15. I'm running an N91 and i would call this cam VERY tame and VERY well mannered on the street. My car is even carbed, and i can run it down to around 1800rpm before it gives me any kind of bucking or hesitation. Once you get to about 2500rpm it feels like it hates the rear end and wants to rip it out of the back of the car. The idle isn't as choppy and lopey as i expected.
  16. I have the Anderson B21 cam! Im a fan!!! .542 lift
  17. I have an Anderson B cam in my car, and I am very happy with it. It idles just fine, although it is set at 1K, through the PMS. It is also plenty lumpy at idle. Meaning, it is painfully obvious that my car has an upgraded cam in it. Everything that was said about these things kicking in after 2k is right on. It feels like a huge kick, right in the old seat of the pants meter when this thing kicks off.
  18. Just unplug a vacuum line, you'll get the lumpy idle you want