SOLD Anderson Pms 94-95 5.0 Mustang Efi-systems Series 4

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  1. I am selling an Anderson Motorsports EFI Systems PMS Series 4 Piggyback Engine Management System.
    I've had this in my 95 Mustang for years running engine and controlling dry nitrous system. Worked Great. It was sent out and upgraded to Series 4 (Controller and Handheld) so it is the LATEST VERSION. Gives full timing, ind. cylinder control and fuel. Was used to control, window switches (RPM and Throttle Position), 2 Step for launch, Burnout RPM, Nitrous activation and rengine timing retard. All was wired into car for autmatic control of Nitrous, Fuel and Timing when System armed and parameters met.
    Stock motored 95 302, weent 12.4 on motor and 11.2 at 123 on a 150 Shot.
    Worked great.
    CAr was put back into daily street use and removed all the nitrous from the car. Car runs fine on stock ECU, so don;t need this anymore.
    It is an awsome system and can be used with Boost (turbo or Blower) or Nitrous.
    I will post some pics this weekend.
    INFO Cut and paste link

    *94-95 Models require an aftermarket ignition to maintain sufficient spark energy*
    Any questions please PM me.
    Asking $650 plus actual shipping cost.
    PM me Zipcode if you want a ship to cost.
    I can take Money Order or Paypal for payment (Paypal add 3% to cover fees)
    Jack P

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  2. Do you have the 3 bar map to go with it?
  3. Yes, I think I have a new one that I bought for the PMS to use on a turbo kit and never installed.
  4. I'll get you a price tonight after work.
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