Digital Tuning Anderson PMS startup fuel / AFR


Founding Member
Feb 26, 1999
Seymour, CT
Put about 80 miles on the blown stroker so far and actually with everything zero'd out in the Anderson PMS I'm very happy with the AFR so far except for cold start-up. It is about 15.5:1 or so, maybe a bit more at times during the warm-up cycle. It smells rich and fires right up during this time, once it goes into closed loop it is about 14.7:1 in almost all driving conditions besides WOT and in the boost. There I'm at 11.5:1, haven't started tuning that part yet and running a 4:1 FMU and 38-40psi fuel press vacuum off.

I tried putting some more start-up fuel in but it makes it run like crap, and can't really get it to 14.7:1-ish anyways. My question is, should we really target 14.7:1 during warm-up? Maybe it's a false positive?? Running an Innovate MTX-L wide band.


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