andersons PMS or AEM?

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  1. I am thinking of buying one of these two tuners and one have any feedback on these items or suggestions.
  2. Well, I purchased the PMS and had Anderson do the install. Best mod ive ever done. Thing runs like a bone stock showroom Mustang with 500 rwhp. Im very happy with mine!!!!!!
  3. is the install difficult to do
  4. Actually its not supposed to be, I didnt install mine like i said i had Anderson Install because they then tuned the car. Basically all that is involved is....

    They mounted the PMS control unit under the pass seat and ran the harness under the carpet and it plugs into your stock ECU. You also have to run a vacuum hose from the PMS control unit to a vacuum source. From the Control Unit is another harness that plugs into the PMS game boy lookin thing!!!! LOL, Seems very easy and a direct plug n play. Now tuning with thats a little more involved!!! Instructions are very good with the kit!!
  5. I have the anderson PMS. The one that kicks in FULL at 4k RPM but allows adjustments down low too. It has a screen readout "module" that I attach too it and works well. It can be upgraded too if you want even MORE tunability but it was all I needed for my 414c.i.
  6. PMS is a great tuning device, and with teh standalone mode is "almost" an aftermarket engine management system. Its relitivly easy to use anddoes as advertised, but I find the huge drawbacks are no datalogging wthout the expensive interaq software, and no AFR read out on screen unless you buy the anderson wideband. I think its great for dyno tuning in a controled environment with the right equipment and can solve a lot of issues, but its no where near the spec and scope of an AEM EMS which allows total control and has a million more features. It does away with the maf (though you can use it to tune with a maf if you prefer) in favor of speed density, which is easier and ffar more accurate, especially for bboosted applications. You have a faster processor and finer grain control, and can litterally do anything you want with it. The learning curve is steeper, but its got great support, and best of all you can tune on the street with it (I have) with relitive ease.
  7. thanks for the info I think I might get the AEM
    I watched a video tutorial on it and it looked sweet:nice: