Electrical Annoying Alarm

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Casey2552, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Iv got this alarm that is in my 91 notch , it keeps going off down the road every bump and iv tried vallet mode nothing works I convinced it is junk and want it gone , anyone know where in the 90s they would have installed this or how I can begin to track this thing down to rip it out or adjust it
  2. For starters, cut the wires to the siren under the hood.

    Then the unit is almost for sure under the dash on the drivers side or behind the panel under the steering wheel.

    If it drives with it going off, cleary there is no starter or ignition kill, so should be easy to remove.
  3. Thanks and siren was already cut by previous owner now when goes of just lights outside and in side starting flashing I was thinkin that it's in those location but before I start takin stuff apart while having coffee maybe u could get a closer starting point lol thanks
  4. If the lights are involved there should be a relay tapped into the headlight wires etc, just follow the wires or just cut the alarm wire to the relay??
  5. Thanks guys just went out there pulled it out and a connector was loose and now it works properly , I was able to unlock the doors when key was on with fob now it will not and is the way it should be disarmed with key on thanks a lot it was right under steering wheel behind pannel