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  1. Daughter brought her 05 GT to me the other day for me to check her oil. The fuel jockey at the gas station told her she needed oil because of a ticking sound coming from the engine. I checked her oil and it was fine. The ticking sound seems to be coming from the front of the engine not from under the valve covers. Anyone have any idea what may be causing a ticking sound in this area?
  2. How many miles on the car?

    Does the "tick" increase in frequency with engine RPM?
  3. Upon closer inspection the tick seems to be coming from the intake area, maybe an injector? Tick seems to remain constant even when engine rpm increases.
  4. Might be an injector...when idling you can unplug the injector connector, and if the tick stops there you go.

    Or maybe try some fuel injector cleaner first and see if it clears up.
  5. Already had her add a can of SeaFoam waiting to hear from her on that. I also checked Youtube and heard the exact sound on a guy's F150. Someone suggested a spark plug that was loose allowing combustion pressure to blow by the plug. I had a plug blow out on my son's Lightning a few years ago not pretty!
  6. The cam phasers tend to make a little noise with these engines. More of an annoyance than anything.
  7. Well I unplugged each injector and the tick didn't change. Pulled the coils and all plugs are tight. Had access to a lift and listened while under car and the tick seemed to be coming from within the bell housing but then again from the topside it sounds like high up under the intake. This one has me baffled. The car has 100,000 miles and the ticking only started recently.
  8. After checking several Mustang web forums I found a suggestion that make sense to me from where I hear the tick. CMCV system. Seems these motors have baffles between the intake and the head controlled by a motor at the rear of the manifold. Will be checking this next as that is where the tap seems to be coming from!
  9. The CMCV system checked okay. I purchased a two dollar stethoscope from Harbor Freight over the weekend and it seems as if the driver's side cam phaser is the culprit. Think we'll just live with it for now as the tools needed to change the phasers cost around 300.00 plus parts. Arrgh!
  10. I know someone mentioned the cam phaser(s) at some point during this thread.....I just can't remember who it was? :scratch: ;)
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  11. No need to change phasers for a tick, like someone said for the life of me can't remember who :D, it's more of an annoyance then anything. If the phaser was a concern it would throw a DTC code. 4.6L 2v 3v 4v are noisey, characteristic of certain design factors. What oil filter she have on? If it it's not a Motorcraft I bet most of that tick will go away if you install one.
  12. I've always used motorcraft on all my ford vehicles. Started way back when I had my 82 Bronco. First oil change I used an aftermarket filter had had a knock at start up which quickly went away as the engine warmed. Found out at the time that motorcraft had an anti drain back valve that kept the oil from flowing back in the pan at shut off. Been a motorcraft fan ever since! ;-)