Another 05 GT stripe question.....

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  1. This is my first post. My first car was a 70 Mustang Fastback and I loved it. When the last Stang came out in the 90s I swore i would get one and didnt but this time I will be putting money down on one and waiting.

    Does anyone know if the GT will be offered with stripes? If this is a dead issue I apologize. I did read that May 24th is the first day for ordering.

    Glad to be aboard. My choice will be one of the Blues-either Sonic or Windveil, a GT with No spoiler. Basically I want the powerplant and I want to customize from there. How about some louvers for those little windows on the sides and a smaller spoiler for the back?

    I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know some of you.

  2. I am sure you can easily get stripes to put on it from any graphic provider or have them painted on for a reasonably cheap price from any body shop if Ford doesn't offer them.
  3. Welcome aboard to you as well! As someone said here, the strips are a big thing; creating a lot of Buzz. I'm doing advertising work for a company called Fast Forward and, don't laugh, but they make performance accessories for the Focus and they are planning a bunch of product launches... one of which is strips for the GT. Nothing is in production yet, obviously, but they plan to offer black, white, grey and dark blue strips. It is a bit premature, but take this web address and save it. Check it when the Mustang comes out and they should have the strips. I know one of the designers is flying to Ford in late August for a vendor meet. Some of the other mods they plan are: front license plate fillers, louvers, replacement GT badge for the trunk (some people feel it's too big) and front grilles. I don't know any firm details about any of this stuff and there is no guarantee they will make it, but keep checking The site has just been launched so content may be weak, but, like i said, check it often.
  4. if they are serious business men they will make a concept body kit
  5. Id settle for the hood on the concept.
  6. Hood scoops would be cool add on's

    I know the hood scoop on my 2003 is not functional but I don't care, it looks good, and my new 2005 I ordered monday is going to need some help in the hood department. Those louvers sound good too. I was also thinking some one should come up with some side scoops to cover those rear quarter windows. :D
  7. I second that, I need the concept kit.....MUST HAVE :D
  8. They seriously NEED to stop showing the stripes on the silver mustang if they are not offering them. I want my mustang with the stripes... bad. I dont understand why they keep showing it unless they are going to offer this.
  9. No, kidding! what a tease :(