Another 05 V6 gets into the 12s

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Jimp, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. DANG!!! 13.9 on motor.... that is impressive!

  2. LOL!! Nobody wanted to believe us Jimp!! we have screamed and moned to everyone to listen to us!! LOL!! I told you guys months ago, buy the V6!! :D

  3. Everyone keeps throwing away thousands of dollars on GT's for nothing... dont get me wrong, the GT is a Mustang and thus I love it! But Damn guys! Listen to us!! We have all owned GT's and Cobra's, and Saleens in the past! :lol:

  4. Why do you hate GT's so much? V-6 is a great car but the GT is a better car. The Cobra is better than the GT. The sooner you face that fact, the better off we will all be.

    Can't we all just get along?
  5. I dont hate GT's.. I love GT's.. I love Mustangs.. Thats all PUN... Dont take offence to it..

    Lets just stick to the facts, and not try and divert attention away from it..

    I have owned

    1966 Mustang 289 Hi-PO 4SPD
    GT350 5.0
    Saleen Mustang 1988 #635
    1993 Cobra Red
    1995 Mustang GT 5.0

    So dont tell me about lovin a Mustang man.. I dont give a damn whether its a GT or a V6.. You must face the fact that the 05++ V6's are just as every bit as good as a GT, but you have to do it yourself.. GT's come flipped from the factory.. V6 Guys dont mind the challenge, where as some GT guys measure their manhood by owning a GT.. Tell me, who needs to wake up here?
  6. Remember black2001gt, you are the one intruding in our forums, we are not going into yours. Yes the GT is a better car, and in turn it is a more expensive car. All he is saying that for the price difference (5k not including any markups dealers may have) you can make the v6 faster. Does that make it a GT? no, it just makes it a v6 that beats a GT. There are 6 cylinder supras out there running 8s (my friend just bought one a couple weeks ago). No matter what you do, there is someone out there faster.

    In conclusion V6 < GT < Cobra

    thats just how it will always be from the factory, thats why we all have to love aftermarket parts.
  7. wow you have owned a lot of mustangs MSP
    83 5.0 glx vert (sold)
    1997 cobra vert (burned)
    2000 v6 (sold for 01 gt)
    2001 GT (still have, but for sale)
    2003 cobra (just got)
    2005 v6 (Daily driver)
  8. I agree. I am "invading" the V-6 Forum because I am looking for an everyday car. I am trying to decide to get a V-6 Stang and keep my GT and getting a forged rebuild and twin turbos or sell my car and Get a G-35, or sell my Ranger and keep my GT and get an F250 turbo diesel. or........

    That is why I am "invading."
  9. im a big fan of the F250/350. Those things are monsters when you chip them, ive seen 2 personally over 1200rwtq (more than just a chip).

  10. Cool. I really don't know which way to go. My current vehicles are 2001GT, 1993 Ranger and a 2004 Infinity QX-56. I have an 86 mile each way commute. I only work 7 days in a 2 week pay period. I've racked up 100,000 miles on my GT and my Ranger is about to reach the status of a money pit.

    I want to keep my GT, sell the Ranger and get a new truck or sell the GT and get 05 GT.

    I also want a pair of ATV's for me and my 8 year old son.
  11. No need for us to argue man! I am just happy I bought the right car at the right time.. I hope you do the same.. Dont miss out because your afraid of what all your GT buddies will say.. You can make new friends here with us... Stop fighting it.. You have been fighting us on this for a long time... Have you not seen enough proof?

  12. First of all, I don't have friends that have Mustangs so I have no idea what you are talking about. Second of all Have I not seen enough proof of what? You can make any car fast with right amount of money? :shrug:

  13. Actually Black2001GT, you are taking this discussion to a point that has little value to me.. You are hostile, and destructive, and I do not wish to continue the dialogue.. Good Luck..!! :nice:
  14. Thanks for taking the high road before things got ugly.

  15. Yes, no problem.. But I will be monitoring all your negative comments, so be carefull.. :nice:


    Black2001GT comes in about once a month to reak havok.. This is not his first time.. We shall keep him on a short leash, and advise appropriate action when the time comes..

    This is what we have to deal with as V6 owners.. People so terrified of reality, they must come bother us from time to time.. It get irratating.. But rather than put us through this, I called off the debate.. Which was meaningless anyway.. Sorry about that..

  16. Monitor away. You can find me in the 4.6L section, I am a Moderator.

  17. Which is why it is so appauling that you choose to come in here to even talk to us.. Please leave us alone.. It does not matter to me whether you are a moderator.. You can be warned and removed just like anybody else..

    I think its best that you leave us alone.. We do not like confrontation here.. We are trying to improve upon our cars, and you have ruined one good night of conversation between me and my V6 buddies.. The time is valuable, and you have wasted it.. now you will go back to your 4.6 forum, and bully people in there.. This is really ridiculous that this is taking place... Stay in that forum.. You dont moderate this one.. The moderators are listed to the bottom right of your screen.. :nice:

  18. I thought you were going to stop posting? :lol: You are the one with the negativity towards GT's. I like V-6 Mustangs, I thought about getting one but I may decidide to spend my money elsewhere. GT guys recognize the fact that our cars are inferior to Cobras even though we could modify our cars to make them as fast or faster than a Cobra. The bottom line is no matter how much we modify our cars it will still only be a GT.
  19. Wow.. I have no idea where this may be going except to the Lock T. pile unless this gets cleaned up a bit.

    Speaking of being embarrassed and appauled. Come on guys... Holy Dog Dung... was this thread for real?

    In the Ford product line it is 6 - 8 - COBRA. The 6 to the 8 as rolled off Assy is - 8 kicks our butt. The GT can just as easily modify to thwart anything we do. Plain and simple. No argument needed.

    Now.... where were you guys.. Oh yeah a 13 second 6. What are the specs on the Engine?

    Oh and one last thing we need to make REAL CLEAR here... If you have a problem with someone where it causes you to think you have the right to ask them to leave, PM a moderator. They can be listed on the right hand corner of the thread listing screen. I don't want to see this dog dung being flown again or you will see one cranky woman! :mad:

    Thanks fellas - now CONTINUE.