Another 05 V6 gets into the 12s

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  1. Jenn... go to bed lol its late :p

    but ya, like i said
    6 < GT < Cobra

    There are v6's out there faster than cobras, gt's faster than cobras etc. Its all in the fun of modding your car and how far you want to go.

    Something you got to give though jenn, black2001gt is pushing buttons, last time in here he wasnt so kind lol. not defending anyone.

    mustang is a mustang, longest running production model (and no its not the corvette, they didnt make a 1983 model officially, look it up if ya dont believe me guys lol). Just be happy ya own a piece of history.

    EDIT: jenn, am i that color blind or is your shirt the exact color of your car? lol

  2. Faz... :rlaugh: Yes, it is... yes it is.... I have stated this fairly impartial relative to this thread. If you guys see a problem, PM or email me and link the thread. I, or one of the other mods, will try to get a handle on it. That's all I ask. I know we are all grown adults, but it is when a thread gets derailed like this that it just saddens me. Again, take the high road. Sometimes the best statement you can make is no statement at all! Annoys the heck out of people to be ignored when they are seeking attention.

    As for my shirt Faz, yes, it is the exact same color as my car. Amazing girlie girl thing I like to do. :p

    Okay - Night Faz.. I guess you are tucking me and my laptop in for the night... Go to bed yourself young man!

  3. duner

    Get this guy off our back..

  4. The problem is, we could care less if the GT is better.. We are happy with what the V6 can do.. The only people who have a problem with it, are those who feel threatend by it..

    This kind of situation is exactly what Black2001GT was trying to produce, and he succeeded in doing it.. To move attention from the facts that people want to discuss, and divert it to something that is a waste of our time... You have not helped the situation at all Jenn.. In fact you have made it worse.. Which is something you will have to live with.. However...


    It appears we will have to totally ignore Black2001GT, because he has a motive in which he is trying to get accomplished.. We obviously cant expect Jenn to read things the way they should be, so we will have to wait for Tyler or Duner to PM Black2001GT and make him get off our backs.. Duner gave me instructions awhile back on how to deal with this type of person, but I dont think he knew that the worst of its kind would be a moderator from the 4.6 forum.. LOL!! It just complicates the situation..

    So we will just ignore him completely.. Not responding to anything he has to say period...


    Take care, and stop PMing me..
  5. I think all would agree you are the one putting out false info and being hostile toward me.
  6. Well i DON'T agree with you... so that MEANS NOT ALL agree with you... Put to a vote, i'm going to go out on a limb here and say you'ld lose... LOL
  7. I am giving EVERYONE a warning here, act like adults or I am asking for a short term ban on all those who are participating.

    MSP - I will PM who I like, especially when it is within the context of the duties I am obligated to work under as a Moderator.

    There is a distinct separation between Jenn the Forum member and the moderator. Either you fellas learn to distinguish the two and not expect me to take sides, or there is going to be some head butting going on.

    Have a nice day.
  8. *puts his helmet on*
    just in case i get caught in the crossfire lol jk

    Thats kind of how it is at my work. There is david your friend and then david your boss. Couple employees didnt learn the difference, and well.. no longer employees.
  9. Hey...can we get back to how this guy is running in the 12's. I read the thread at the other forum and there is not much detail. What diff are they running, did they run into any other issues. I'm looking into getting a Zex kit and need to know how to prepare (though I think I got a lot of info already, thanks everyone!).

    C'mon guys, let it go...this is why we are here. :nice:
  10. Lady and gentlemen,
    Lets stop the bickering! I myself would like to hear info about what is on topic. So please send us info on how to help us mod our vehicles! I have enjoyed and thankful for you pioneers on the V6 front! I have not ordered my 06 yet. It will be a 6 thats a no brainer. And when someone questions why just a 6,I'll smile everytime I fill upor get a thumbs up from the public. Fellas lets not hose our own moderator. I believe she is trying to be diplomatic and keep everything on the up and up. Plus she is smarter than I and she is just a girl!jk Sorry forthe long post! To MSP, I go to sleep at night listening to your exhaust clips!
  11. Anyone have an idea where that fella got his pulleys? I think that would be an awesome upgrade for a reasonable price. Heck guys I already got Eibach springs for a car I haven't even ordered yet. Long live the Stang in all guises!

  12. LOL!! We'll get back on track.. Dont worry, we have been here before, when everyone is pissed off.. Make sure you call these guys to see how much more one of these will be from a Standard V6 price... This is the car we have all been dreaming about.. No one wants to listen to us though.. But they soon will be forced to.. :nice:

    This was posted by Hamidlmt!
  13. Wow, 300 horse from this thing is IMPRESSIVE.

    I'll be VERY interested in one after a few years.

    I've managed to squeeze out 26mpg AVERAGE since i bought mine, which is 3 times better than my old stang and 2times better than my wifes Xterra which gets 16mpg.

    From what i'm seeing i'll bet the new v6 will be a pretty popular tuner after a few years.

    Any word on whether or not the rods/crank are forged like they are in the Xplorer 4.0? That would definatly make the engine a better candidate and i heard that was still up in the air as far as production models was concerned? I haven't read anything about it either.
  14. Air under driver's side front tire!!!!


  15. You just cannot let it go can you. Yo have to add a little jab at the end of your posts. :nonono:
  16. I dont really see a jab in there, but if you took it as one, just be the bigger man and let it go. We all need to just drop it, period. no more. dont even respond to this.

    Ya i saw that SC350 that hamidlmt posted, thats pretty awesome. Im sure its a $38,000 v6 though lol
  17. I don't know, they claim its less than a GT. SC's are expensive.
  18. I've dropped it Black! Its all good with me.. Today is a new day... Sometimes debates get heated, then their over.. We were taking alot of heat, way before you and I had an altercation, so its not just you.. Besides, you said you were considering the V6 as a dailey driver.. So you and I really dont have a problem, other than we both refuse to back down.. LOL!

    Like I said, its all good with me.. I dont hold grudges.. So how are the wife and kids? Everything going ok? :nice:

  19. Yes, plus the body kit.. This car is most likley right at $30-$32K.. Thats if you choose a Premium V6 as a base.. I'm quite sure you can choose a Deluxe V6, and have the package added, which could put you closer to about $25K, roughly 26 or 27K out the door..

    Or, you could tell them to give you a Deluxe, with a base of $19K, and try and work the SC in without the body kit.. This would be cheaper than a GT..

    Being that they can obviously sell the SC to you much cheaper than retail, I think it can work..
  20. they claim its cheaper than a gt? how is that so? $3700 for the supercharger, at least $500 for the custom tune, probably $2500 for the body kit minimum (more likely 4-5k). Plus all the lil things, and then they are warrantying it. I cant see that thing costing under $32k.