Another 05 V6 gets into the 12s

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  1. Its all good, we all love mustangs and that's all that matters. So welcome Black2001GT and any constructive input you have is appreciated.

    What I really like about my six, is it will be one fast sleeper when I'm done with it. I can't wait for the day a 350 pulls up next to me and thinks it will smoke me...LOL.

  2. I'll call him now, after lunch.. We need to know what the MSRP is of this thing.. Or whats the asking price for a Supercharged V6 Roush Looka-Like! Stand by! :D

  3. LOL! Its the nature of the beast guys.. We will have arguements and disagreements.. We will say hostile things to each other at times, and be pissed.. The thing is, the next day, its got to be over.. We must continue on... Take Jimp and I for example.. We used to argue about everything.. Couldnt agree on nothing.. Now we are real kool, and PM each other about panties.. LOL!! Just kiddin! :D Seriously, its all good... Bottom line is, you can argue one day, but the next day, it must be considered forgotten.. Thats it!
  4. Well, they should be getting the parts whole sale, for the body kit, they might have a partnered body shop cutting them a break or they might have thier own small body shop capability. For the tune, I"m sure they are not going through much trouble there, probably got a handful of SCT's, and use the same tune on every car. cookie cutter it! Definitely not $500/car.
  5. rygenstormlocke, you have to have a tuner for each vehicle, you cant use the same one on two+vehicles because in order to unlock the sct the car it was first used on must be returned to stock . So each sct2 retails at 400+ (and u know the dealer will charge at elast that) plus $100 for the custom tune, i dont see how thats not at least $500 a car
  6. Oh, to be honest I didn't know that. There has got to be a solution there though, if shops are doing mass business. Perhaps not, I'm still new to performance tuning and modding cars. But I'll get there thanks to all the info you guys have.
  7. We are all learning :) thats why we are here.

  8. :cheers:
  9. Hey, we getting our drink on here.


  10. i see you already own an infiniti so you know about their good and bad points.
    i had an 02 altima and loved it, although i had alot of problems with it, thank god their service department was soo wonderful.
    anyways i believe the G-35 goes through tires very quick other than that i havent heard any complaints, from when i was on nissan and infiniti forums.
    having an 80 mile commute you would probably do best with the G-35 or a V-6 Stang. but thats just my opinion and we all know about opinions...
    good luck and GO SAINTS!!!
  11. G35 eats through tires and brakes, bigtime on the brakes, luckily they will usually warranty them if they go out under 20k miles (which they do a lot)
  12. Black2001GT your just hostile by nature lol....your always harrasing us in the 4.6 sections. :nonono: :rlaugh: But the MSP or whatever guy is causing the real trouble here.(EDIT but I see that your both cool now soooo :cheers: The following is still good info I guess LOL) You can make any car fast...but you sound as if your using that mentality to make yourself feel better :shrug: . Be happy, and if your not then trade up for something else...the main thing is to be HAPPY. See, I dont have a cobra, and I really dont want one(attached to me car) and I like the challenge of having a fast GT because ALMOST NOONE has a quick 99-04...95% are bolton onlys or stock.

    I like all mustang equally, WHY? Because really EVERY mustang (cobra,V6, GT, Mach) are all just base mustangs...just that some are hopped up from the factory more than others. Thats how you should look at it. :nice:
  13. hotmustang,

    Everything is cool because if it is not and things get ugly and disrespectful like that again, bans will occur like the black plague.

    We are talking about cars (which some people take a little too serious at times) and although we all have an opinion, we can all be respectful and understand that we all have the right to those opinions. If after a few exchanges you see someone does not agree, it is best to just move on. There are things we cannot control in this life and one is other people.

    Thanks for coming back to the S197 V-6 forums. I haven't seen you in a while. Been busy?

  14. ^ Agreed....

    Ditto and yea ive been pretty busy lol, trying to get into those darn 12s :rlaugh: . I just came to see how you guys were doing and see how quick these cars are....and I must say that im VERY impressed. They trap darn near as well as my car did stock. Amazing progress IMO, oh and I have to say that you run a clean message board over here...great job. A heck of a mod. :nice:
    BTW didnt mean to stir this thread up...was trying to send out a better way to look at it and failed to see that it had already been bad.