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  1. I recently bought an 03 gt that has a coolant leak. It appears to be leaking from the aluminum crossover. Does the top of the crossover separate with a gasket? Or is a whole replacement necessary?

    I can't find a listing for the gasket and most every thread I see recommends replacement, but those are usually situations with plastic crossovers.

    Pics attached...its leaking from the passenger side. You can see the dampness and rusty area where its been leaking. masysy3u.jpg
  2. You need to replace the entire intake
  3. That's what I was figuring. Thank you.

    Is there a good performance upgraded model available, that flows a little better than the stock PI?

    is the frpp manifold an equivalent of what I have now?
  4. Unless you have some really extensive mods, I would stick with the good old PI. Easy to install, cheaper than most aftermarket.
  5. As of now I don't. I wont say it'll never see a blower, because its in the plans. Just not on this block.

    When that time comes it'll be a fresh. Start build.

    Yea I've seen pi replacements going around 150ish
  6. Also, are there any upgraded parts I should address while the intake is off?
  7. You have the FRPP version on it now and that is what you need you replace it with. FRPP ONLY!

    You can get a better intake (Trickflow/Edelbrock) if you've got the coin. Don't bother with the typhoon garbage
  8. I have a Victor Jr on mine. Like stated the aftermarket is expensive but if you have teh coin, upgrade now.
  9. I looked @ the victor as well. Very little cost difference vs a frpp.

    I won't spend 1k on a manifold on this engine as its likely coming out soon and the fresh replacement will be blown.

    What, if any noticeable difference did the Victor yield?
  10. I wish I'd built this motor so I would know as well. My old car I went from the old NPI manifold to a PI one. I think the HP gain was about 15HP if I remember correctly. I'd have to say the difference between stock and the Victor Jr would be about the same.

    Anyway I think it is money well spent. You wouldn't have to worry about it again and you can swap it to the new engine if you stick with a 4.6.
  11. I just recently bought this one for near nothing, but needing a little TLC to get it back to top notch.

    I'm not sure what I want to do at this point. It runs and drives fine..
    But feels weak... I dont know if its just me being im used to driving 600+ HP powerstrokes where power is there when boost builds or if something actually wrong.

    I know there's a coolant leak, hence this thread. It seems like it struggles taking fuel, kind of stumbles, during acceleration after a wot shift. Any ideas where to start?

    Plugs are new, 4 coils are new. Has a generic cai. As far as I know, no tune.

    I'm not so sure TCS works properly as it doesn't seem to make a difference whether its on or not.

    Car has 18x10 on the back so I think that has something to do with its lack tire spinning, not that im complaining about having traction,but I'd think it still should break loose.

    I'm just getting into the mustangs so in not 100% on what to look for. That's where you guys come in handy. Lol
  12. With the leak you may be gettin moisture in the plug wells causing a misfire. Get the leak fixed and then make sure the plugs/coils are dry.
  13. That's a lot of what I was thinking as well. I do know, like you said the first cylinder on that side is getting wet.

    OTC didn't read any misfires, but I wasn't paying attention to the screen when I was doing the wot shifts.

    The previous owner replaced the parts I mentioned earlier, and I figured that was why when I bought it.

    But like I said, I have damn near nothing in the car, so ive got some room to play.
  14. The Victor Jr. wont gain a whole lot of power in low-revving NA applications but they really shine in FI applications. MM&FF did an intake comparison on a blown 2V and got crazy gains on the Victor Jr.
  15. Or set-ups like mine. This thing has nearly every upgrade save a blower but with 11.4 compression I don't think that'll happen.
  16. The Coyotes are 11.1 compression and there are a lot who are FI. There are ways around it like E85 and meth. Your car with E85 would fkn rip!
  17. A little update...

    e4ezaryb.jpg 6erasyra.jpg

    I found the leak lol

    Ordered the manifold tonight along with an injector o ring kit and a better cai.

    Should be here Thursday and all I will lack are a few gaskets which I'll pick up locally.
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  18. Yup that's exactly where mine broke (well on the opposite side) :chair: