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  1. and he wont be able to mate. and more of his line will end, and the species goes on better
  2. Japanese Muscle? Is there such a thing? :rlaugh: True hater...

    He also said that the v8 are already at its peaked and all you can do is put a blower and some exhaust bolts-on..

    Then he went on saying how japanese cars can put in turbos and bolts-on (with extra crap about saying how nice the cars are..)

    Those 2 statements are basically the same thing... what a tool :rolleyes:

    I did get a good laugh though
  3. A very educational....piece of crap!!
  4. That was hilarious.
  5. the fact that this dude probably has an entire crew of people like him....and then there is another crew down the road the same way...he is where the term ricer originated...they are the ones that bring about the stereotype upon themselves...
  6. That person is stupid.

    So are all the Mustang people who hate on Hondas.

    They're both good cars. I'd drive either with pride. In fact I HAVE owned both.
  7. u know he drives a civic dx! holla!

  8. I don't hate on Hondas. Just their stupid owners. I mean where the hell is a stupid biased article written by a Mustang owner? Hmm...
  9. I say we make him stand in the middle of the finish line at a Fun Ford Weekend when the Foxbodies are running 7's and 8's. :nice:
  10. ....yeah to see who can drive over him the fastest!
  11. That article was just.. pathetic and ridiculous..

    I can respect any car that is fast.. mustang, s2000, t/a, 3000gt, camaro, 240sx, etc etc... Hell, there are eve fast lancers and neons for christ sake.. i know, both have owned me in my 85 5.0 ... but notice how all of the "fast" 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' cars are the top model.. While some of the domestics keeping up with or even getting compared to them are not.. (i.e. - v6 accord vs. v6 mustang) ... ive seen an integra beat a fox 5.0 and ive seen a v6 stang lay it to a s2000 .. The was i see it, is if you have a fast car, more power to ya.. And if its the car you want, go for it..

    However, guys like him, or most import owners in general.. and even alot of domestic owners are what i can not respect.. those who bash others that do not drive the same type of car.. or those who do drive same type, with a different engine! (i.e. - most gt owners' actions towards v6 stang owners) ..
  12. With pride? Maybe the Mustang :flag:
  13. What's that about an over hyped Cobra? I'd give my left nut for a new cobra over a ricer POS anyday. The only Honda that I've ever respected had 4 blondes driving away from hooters after they closed.
  14. I'm still trying to figure out how ot polish my block
  15. Ok..does anyone else see this?

    "Most Japanese muscle can hit up to 1000 hp easily with intense engine modifications and fine tuning enough to beat any v6 most v8s and some v12s."

    Ok easily but with intense engine mods? Thats almost like a double negative. Not to mention complete :bs:

    Oh and this kid needs to get his facts striaght. I'll put up a V6 Grand National against his "Japanese muscle" and damn day of the week.
  16. I'd put my V6 against his glorified hamster wheel
  17. I'd put my old school carbed Mustang II against his hamster wheel, what you talking about, that's a dude talking a lot of smack, that knows diddly about the history and feel of a real car. Sadly people that write stuff like that up, and is apparent by the intro don't want to listen to anyone elses opinions. They are in their own little world, these are also the same people that have an excuse for every time they lose a race to an obviously better car.