Another day, Another GREEDY dealership.

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  1. I'll try to make a long story short. Put a deposit down on the Shelby GT500 in March of 2005. Number 1 on the list. Sales rep and I negotiated MSRP plus 2K. Fast forward to today. They will not honor their commitment. We have purchased cars from this dealership in the past and have had our cars serviced there also. They now want $20K over the msrp. I walked. End of story.

    I got the shaft from the Loman Auto group in Parsippany NJ. Thanks for the big waste of time and money.
  2. unless the dealer is family, you can't trust'em. they're all snakes looking for the biggest dollar sign around. i wonder if you have that agreement on paper, maybe you've got a leg to stand on.
  3. That's what I was thinking, otherwise wait a year, I bet you'll get it below MSRP maybe even with a nice rebate just like when the Terminators and Machs came out. :nice:
  4. How will waiting a year lower the price that low? I don't see too many of them staying on the lot and I thought it was going to be a very limited run.

    I've also heard a rumor that there won't be multi-year runs of the 500. Anyone hearrd anything to dispell that rumor? Or is this the only year they are currently planning for the Shelby build? (I mean, I'm sure, slam dunk sales might change their mind, lol).
  5. My local dealer (Future Ford of Roseville, CA) says they will take $120,000 for the one red 2007 Shelby GT500 they have coming in. B^(
  6. Go buy one at another dealer. And sell it back to Future Ford for $90k:D
  7. If you have it in writing, and a receipt for your deposit, call an attorney.

  8. word
  9. I had it in writing and a receipt for my deposit, pretty much same situation. However. By the time you pay an attorney, you're already 5 - 10k in just to get them to agree to sell it to you at sticker. Bad math. Better off to wait or go buy a new vet

  10. Ok here's my idea on the situation. Since you have it in writing with reciept. Find out which television news channel has the best consumer affairs reporter (Here in washington we have one on every channel). Bring it to them. Then if they do a story on it. All the veiwing audience gets to see the dealer try to explain why they want to charge more than MSRP for the car. Which of course there is no good reason to. Now the dealer has shot their reputation with all viewers. And you may just get it at MSRP because they want to look like a good dealership once again.
  11. It's really bad news to hear stories like this. I heard some of the same things myself when the '05 GTs came out. Even the two dealers in my little town were playing games with prices and availability. I went back to a dealer I bought my last car from in a town about 50 miles away, and they treated me right. A 50 mile ride out here in the middle of nowhere is just a short hop. :)

    Ford corporate really ought to hear about these things. It's their nameplate on the cars, and if a dealer is screwing with customers, Dearborn should know about it. A call or e-mail back to them won't cost much, and it may get some results.
  12. Even if you do not have it in writing depending on your state laws (I live in MI) you can sue for breach of verbal contract. My lawyer charges me an arm and a leg as well but merely the threat of filing a lawsuit, or your filing the suit yourself, would likely produce the desired results. Have any of you tried this?

    When i bought my 31' Sea Ray the dealer lied about some things and refused to honor his lies, or even admit to ever having made such promises. I spent $1000 on filing a lawsuit and got them to give me a $5000 trailer to drop it, don't always give up so easily.:nono:
  13. Yeah, check your state laws as to verbal contracts. :)
  14. Receipt AND in writing? You can get this car.

    An attorney will not charge all that much for just a "threat" letter - and usually that's all it takes to get things done. Your attorney should just write a letter stating their intentions and the charges that are to be filed. Also have him say that you intend on suing for the attorney fees as well.

    Good luck - in your case, you should be able to get it and not come out of pocket much at all. Stick it to them!
  15. I would sue that sorry azz dealer on principle alone...damn the lawyer cost...good luck man
  16. that sucks but.....

    Believe me, they will come down in price.

    Remember: the New Beetle, the original Mazda Miata, hell even the PT Cruiser.

    Albeit, the Shelby is a different car that caters to different people. Market conditions, $3.00+/gallon fuel, and the 2008-2009 Dodge Challenger will all come into play over the next 12-18 months.

    Hey, I could be wrong....but....
  17. If a dealer screwed me over like that, I'd never go back. That is rediculous. Ford dealers are digging themselves a deep grave.
  18. GT500 Pricing

    Visited local dealer (Ted Britt Ford of Chantilly, Va.) yesterday; salesman said they have one coming in next month, but they will not sell it for one penny less than $18,000 over MSRP. Guess I'll have to wait....
  19. Thats why I bought a Honda !

    No way in hell was I paying $35K for a 05-06 GT !

    They think these cars are made of gold, give it time and they wil be giving them away !!

    Timing is the key here !!!
  20. My understanding from Motor Trend is that this will be a 4 year run and about 8k cars per year if I remember correctly...but it could have been MM&FF or even 5.0 magazine...I read them all, and sometimes my sources are a little screwed up, but that is the correct info!

    03-04 Cobras are the same way though...they built a huge amount of cars in 04, and alot less in 03...