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  1. I just rebuilt my nephews 91 and did the basic e303, 98 gt40 explorer head/intake swap. I drilled and tapped the lower intake for the ACT sensor but i didnt drill/tap for the EGR return coolant line and I already installed the manifold. Can I just not hook up the EGR coolant lines and just block the line that comes off the heater hose?? Or is deleting the EGR all together the best option since his car is not inspected for emissions anyway? Either way I need to buy a 65mm EGR spacer to match the throttle body. Anyone know the best route to go?
  2. many guys cap those lines off even when keeping the rest of the egr stuff intact. That'd be my suggestion
  3. In your case, just forgo the coolant lines. You'll never really notice. If you ever take the lower off for any reason, i'd drill and tap for it.

    I wouldn't delete the EGR however....for a few reasons. #1 being unless you get a custom tune to turn the function off in the computer, (or feel like living with a check engine light) you can't really delete it properly
  4. How are you going to cap off the little coolant line at the metal heater line? A vac cap is not reinforced for pressure. The fool who did that on my car created a repeated coolant leak. I say fool because they also went to the work to remove the fitting from the back corner of the manifold and replace it with a plug. Two pieces of proper size fuel injection hose or even carb fuel line would have been better and cheaper.

    Here is when you might miss the coolant running through the EGR spacer - 1. when it is cold and humid enough the TB ices on the inside. 2. On a hot day when 195 deg coolant is cooler than the EGR plate.

    But, does the EGR system even work the same on that 98 intake? If it does not have the hole in the middle of the intake halves that runs to the bottom of the egr spacer, it is made for the external system. Keeping the Stang smog stuff hooked up might keep sending the computer the right signals even if the EGR system does not function right.
  5. Without those egr holes in the intake, egr isn't this point pull the egr off and Ditch it
  6. 1998 is a crossover year. Either intake could be on the car. If it's installed, best way to tell is the part number behind the distributor.

    RF-F87E-9K461-BA has the EGR

    RF-F87E-9K461-BB does not
  7. It has the hole in the center of the intake. I filled the coolant tube in the hardline with a tiny piece of paper then filled it with jb weld. Then I put a vacuum cap on for looks
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