Another FOxbody joining the club :) PASADENA TX

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  1. Im glad i can get comment and me send comments to ppl about there stangs and dont have a chevy or dodge haters lol....This is my 1991 hatchback with aluminum heads long tubes bbk, gt40 intake, e303 cam, just got the wheels and im loving it.,..... wheels too.jpg
  2. Welcome! I see the last owner was going for an SN95 look. hehe

    Wheel stance looks awesome though. Time to DE-streamline and paint, huh? That hood with the right paint/grafx could look sweet as hell. :nice:
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  3. Oh... great choice on the wheels too! :) They look like the Steeda Ultralites?
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  4. thanks bro yea i got the car like 10months ago i just got the wheeels this week i love my stance i had to roll the front and back fenders so they can tuck
  5. the wheels are 10th anniversary cobra wheels 4lug
  6. Welcome to stangnet. Great looking ride.
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  7. thanks bro.
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  9. Looks good! What are some future plans?
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  10. Well I really need gears maybe 373....throttle body and injectors, and paint of course trying to get in the low 12s before I put any kind of boost
  11. Go 410s if u dont do any highway driving....theyre stoplight killers! Wouldnt worry abt injectors or mass air meter for a while, wait til u get all ur other boltons done first
  12. Yea I bought a pulley the crank one its smaller than original but I don't know if I should install it without the other ones....does it still do the same thing if I don't change the water pump one and alternator!?
  13. Yea u can gain from both the crank pulley and/or the others. All of em would be better of course, to reduce the most drag.....
  14. Thanks I was just curious and also I just put my heads and since I installed my cam my car surges when I start it and I think its my o2 sensors my bros coupe did the same its so
  15. Could be a few things...start at the TPS and IAC
  16. Whats an iac?
  17. Idle Air Control

    It comes off the throttle body. It controls the amount of air allowed to bypass the throttle blade when the throttle body is closed.



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  18. Ohhhhhh I see I'm gonna get one ASAP...thanks I see the second pic has an elbow for the throttle body does.that do anything??