another GO FAST project.....Round 2!!!

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  1. i have my old 95 ext cab ranger with a tired 3.0 auto 2WD combo in it that i have had since i was 16 (10 years ago). it was hit by a falling pine tree last year and curshed the roof and windshield in but luckily spared the doors.
    last week i picked up a 2001 ranger ext cab 4.0 auto 4WD that had the interior gutted but the rest of the truck is in great shape. got the truck for $500 with a title BTW!!!:D

    now for the interesting parts. i plan on swapping the roof and windshield onto my 95. i sold the engine and trans to a buddy for $250. i will be swapping the entire front end from the 2001 onto my 95 and using the 8.8 from the 01 under my 95 also. i will be putting a spool in the 8.8 before it goes under the truck.

    as far as the engine goes, i have a complete 302 from a 95 mustang GT complete from intake to oil pan with all accessories and flywheel included for $500. i plan on going with a carb setup for simplicity backed up with a built C4 i bought from a buddy.
    plans for the engine are fairly simple. just getting the carb and dual plane intake, tossing in a F303 cam and adding a 150 plate system to make things interesting

    i plan on lowering the truck and adding a set of saleen rims to match the car. interior will be simple and near stock. i want explorer bucket seats with the center console and a full autometer dash to replace the stock instruments.

    i'll update this thread as the progress happens. it will be a SLOW build b/c i'm doing everything with cash. i'm hoping to have the truck and car down at MW 2010:D
  2. just for fun heres some pics of the 95 after the tree and a couple of the 2001 donor truck



  3. this does not compute!:rlaugh:

    this is going to be awesome, especially since you set the bar quite high with your last project. I am excited to see the progress. Good luck!:nice:
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to just put the 5.0 into the truck you just bought and ditch the 4wd stuff?
  5. Dude this is gonna be sweet! Are you planning on pulling the Stang down to MW with teh Truck?:D
  6. i wont be able to tow with this setup. the trans is a C4 with a 3200 stall, reverse manual valve body and a trans brake. the truck has 4.10 gears so with the stall i dont think it would pull worth a damn.

    my goal with the truck is to break into the 11's and still have AC and decent street manners

    the 95 was my first vehicle so it has a LOT of sentimental value. plus the swap is a lot easier with the twin I beam suspension
  7. how do you swap an entire roof?
  8. ^^ kinda wondering the same thing.....i know when people roll vehicles you can fix it and ive seen roof skins on rollovers swapped before but never the whole roof...apperently 95 is compatable with 01 :shrug:

    either way it'll be pretty bad guessing this means your not selling the stang now?
  9. Helluva buy for $500!!
  10. the stang is staying put. the land we have is safe so there is no reason to sell it anymore.

    as far as swapping the roof, it will require cutting and welding, much like doing a rear quarter panel on a car. the good thing about that is i just got a job at a body shop yesterday so i should have plenty of help to get it done. the rangers have been pretty much the same from 93 all the way to the new 2010 models. most of the body parts will interchange b/c the only difference is the front ends on them. the cab and beds are the same
  11. i know!! i drove 4 hours to get it and had never seen a pic of it. i was shocked when i pulled up. the interior is gutted but the rest of the truck is good!
  12. couldn't you swap the interior of the 95 into the 01?

  13. Haha, it's always a pleasant sight when you go on a blind buy and the outcome is better than expected. :nice:

    This should definately be a nice project. The fact that you have sentimental value to the truck is a big kicker too. Id give anything if I could find my old 99 s10 Xtreme I had when i was 16. Ohh the awful transformation itd be undergoing if i still had it... :drool:
  14. i'm dropping the engine from the 95 GT tomorrow. i should have it on the engine stand by the evening and i hope to put the 8.8 from the 01 under my truck on tuesday. updated pics will be up soon
  15. This truck is going to be sweet. The Exploder interior will be nice as well. Are you sticking with the same factory color from the 95? I understand about the sentimental value. If I still had my first car that would be kick ass.
  16. i want to stick with the factory color on the 95 but i dont know how it will look with the new front end.

    i need a photoshop!!
  17. i started looking at aluminum heads and roller rockers tonight. this is starting to snowball already!
  18. 2 tone it!
  19. got the engine out of the GT today.




    thinking about doing aluminum heads now too.
  20. Sick man, I'm looking forward to seeing the progress come along.

    That is awesome to hear that you don't have to sell the GT now.