Another goofy ebay car: "Rare factory glass roof"

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  1. you know, as disturbing as that is... (and it is absolutely hilarious), that's a pretty clean install for a hack job like that!
  2. The guy has way too much time on his hands.

    This one should be called the "Flexible Flyer".

  3. I think that I'll pick that one up along with the Padded roof Boss 302 and start my own collection of misfit Mustangs.


  4. I was thinking the same thing. stroked 351, 4 speed toploader, "Custom???" roof. The guy has some time and money locked up in the thing. That said I would never do it, but I wouldn't mind going for a cruise in it.
  5. Well, the fact that either the guy actually has no clue about Mustang History or is trying to pull a fast one is what bothers me the most.

    I do agree also that the install actually looks kind of clean, and assuming that maybe the roof was previously detroyed by say a standard sunroof or something that totally does not belong, than I would say it is quite possibly the lesser of the evil options available. Not the worst idea I've seen anyway, but yikes it must get hot in there at high noon just about anywhere in the country. If it had a very dark black tint to it and the trim was painted body color instead of chrome, I'll bet it wouldn't look all that hideous.
  6. Hey, the first speed bump at McDonalds and it becomes a convertible!

    Cool stuff, perhaps the top dogs at Ford should take a look at this.

  7. Maybe they already have. The full glass roof concept car for 05' wasn't exactly a world apart from this. :shrug:
  8. Pak, great stuff.

    Anybody know what the first "glass top" car was? I know it was not a Mustang and unless you have 800 post do not give me any problems.

    I have no idea, but this is interesting "classic talk".

    What was it?

  9. I THINK the answer to your question is...

    1950's (can't remember exactly what year) Crown Victoria.