Another II brought back from the grave...

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  1. WHEW!! Well after 2 years of work I have brought another II back from the dead. Found it in a shop yard rusting away...










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  2. Very nice, love that colour.
  3. Looks Great.:nice:
  4. Very nice. It looks great inside and out.
  5. Looks great John. I can't quite make it out, what does it say on the side of the hood scoop?
  6. I built it for my daughter so it's her name... cut up a TORINO Badge... LOL

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  7. Can't really tell good from my perspetive, did you recover the seats in fabric from and 05 and newer stang? The car is definitely sharp, good job.
  8. Thanks, I don't know what year the fabric is from or if it is even an OEM fabric. Seems to me I recall seeing it on late 80's GT's. The pattern in the cloth is made up of the word "Mustang" over and over and over. I just saw it in the upholstry shops rolls of fabric and said THIS ONE!! :)
  9. Nice work!

    Might I ask what you did with those Centerline directionals, and if you sold them, what you got for them? I have a set sitting in my garage.
  10. I still have them sitting in my garage, one never knows when a set of 14 4 lugs will come in handy. :)
  11. Looks great!
  12. Thanks! Just finished the AutoRama Show today with it. It placed even though it's a basic resto, not a million dollar topdown resto. :nice:
  13. the stang looks sweet, very nice job
  14. Nicely done!
  15. Thanks, Next Project is a 76Mach I :)
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  16. Have you taken any before pics yet? You have no idea how nice it is to see the old m11's coming out of the grave, the biggest thing I can see is finding parts as most mustang parts sites do not care for the 74 to 78 11's, do you know of a place to find replacement fenders?
  17. Replacement fenders usually I get mine at wrecking yards or watch the papers for parts cars. I have 1 for parts, 1 for restoration. I picked up 3 cars now for under 200.00 each. I'll have to take some pics of the Mach and post em up. Witing for the weather to warm up before I get started on it.
  18. I would love to find some in wrecking yards but the last one I seen was a total rust bucket, I am in Calgary Alberta and trust me these m11's are very rare up here, the passenger front fender is the one I am trying to replace, it came off my old 77 stang and is in pretty bad shape, wished I had kept the original fender but if got folded pretty good as a Cordoba jumped out in front of me while I was doing 60kph on wet roads leaving about 40 feet to stop and I kinda used 45 or so, his car was a write off as I hit him right on the front wheel folding at a 45 degree angle
  19. Very nice work. Care anything about selling those 14/4's?