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  1. Wow, I even get to post and I just joined, I couldn't even post on Mustang as a newbie. Anyway I'm back with the itch to go fast again.
    So let me tell you about myself a lil, I bought my 1st n only "92" mustang in 1994, did the whole street racing thing w/ bolt ons
    like gears,exhaust,pulleys n so on. Then added a 9lb Powerdyne aka powerbomb to my friends but only broke once. I was young wrecked it fixed it
    wrecked it fixed it yeah twice. Then Hurricane dropped a tree on her, then I fixed it again LOL. I let it sit for a while to rest and then put heads,cam,intake and all bells whisles to accomp. until sitting in garage again for two years not starting like I should :( is basically where I stand today. Now I need a clutch to help my stock yes stock t-5. 400+hp on a 200hp clutch not a good combo. but anyway I'm back :)
  2. welcome back.. now lets get it done up right, shall we?? lol jk
  3. Pics

    92' Fox-body w/ a good cleanin :)

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  4. Looks amazing man! Sweet car!