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  1. I guess I'll start with a little introduction and background... My name is Kaan (sounds like Con) and I live in "Northern Virginia." My heart has always been with fox bodies... though I daily drive and tracked my Honda CRX... and I log a lot of time on my motorcycles.

    I'm Chief of Tech for NASA MA... I work as a consultant for a government agency... I teach an AR15 class in my spare time... and I build AR15s for fun.

    I dont have a Mustang... yet. The intent is to have a "fun" weekend/track/semi daily driven notchback. My cars get about 8k miles a year on them... my motorcycles get a total about 17k miles on them... so "daily" just means that it will pass emissions and safety inspection.

    I'm hear to read a lot... I swear I know how to use the search function... And I'll be hunting for a tub that will enjoy the comforts of my garage while I figure all this stuff out and do a complete chasis prep.
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  3. Welcome to the forum, Kaan!! I hope you find your car soon. :nice: