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Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sal07b, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone,

    New member here. I have been looking for a good site for Saleen owners. I am a member of Mustang Life as well. My car is one of the Budget Saleen series. It is one of two Violet vert's (5-speed, the other one is an automatic) made in the 1996 30 car series. It is currently getting a fresh coat of paint, so new pictures will be posted in my gallery. It is being re-assembled as we speak. The fresh color is amazing. My gallery is located at I'm interested to know if anyone else on this site has one of the Budget cars from either 1996 or 1997. Looking forward to exchanging information with everyone...

  2. nice car

    thats a sweet ride man, i like it alot, welcome aboard
  3. very nice ...welcome
  4. Congrats Sal. I love that color and I'm sure you get alot of compliments with it. Let me know when you get pics of it after it is back together.
  5. welcome... you have a very nice lookin saleen. that color is awesome, i'm sure that it stands out. extremely clean looking car.
  6. Thanks everyone. It's not as cool as the Mystic paint, but it is pretty hard to find ones like it. Only 19 Violet Saleens ever produced according to Liz at Team Saleen. I just went by the shop and it is all back together for the most part. They are about to spend a few hours nibbing and buffing it.

    I am going over tomorrow morning to watch them put the decals back on. I know where they should go and don't want to have to order another set if they were to put them on wrong. They also have to finish painting the door inserts and Shelby type side scoops. They are primed, but not painted yet. I liked the look of the new Saleens with the body matched door inserts (where the pwr locks and such are). I also had the mirrors color matched. I definately like the painted look better than black. I did leave the tail-light bezels black in Saleen style though. Also bought some silver/grey screen for the front and rear bumper holes (on the sides). I could only get black screen kits from Saleen, which did not look right with a Violet car and Silver stripes. I'll take close up pictures, I think it looks much better :nice: ...

  7. I got one of the other Violets, and apparently according to Liz the only one with a gray interior in 97. I love the color, it is not a color shift but takes on a lot of diffeent hues depending on lighting.

    Nice car!