Another newbe


New Member
May 21, 2020
In a van down by the river. (GA) USA
Hiya folks!
First post but been reading for a bit.
Mewbe Mustang owner but an old gear head. This is the second Ford I have ever owned. I have a Ford F450 work box. Always been a Chevy man, specifically pre 72 Novas and 67-72 C-10's. Still own a 72.
Just bought a 05 GT with 47k miles that has sat with a tarp on it for a few years(looks like it sat for 10 years LOL). Supposedly the second owner died a while back and his wife
just decided to sell the car.
It needs some cosmetic work but mechanically seems ok so far. Had a diablo tune on it that wouldn't pass emissions with the check engine light on so I had to have it de-tuned. Went back to stock settings. It was running rich.
I litterally know nothing about this stuff so I had to find someone who does. Noticeable difference in power but I can always re-tune after it passes.
Anyway, nice to meet ya and I'm sure I'll ask some stupid questions.
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