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  1. Hi. My name is Rob and I am an American working for the US Army in Germany. :flag: I'm no longer "in" the Army. I spent 20 years serving as a helicopter pilot and now I work for the Army as a civilian. Anyway, I get to live and work over here near a small Bavarian town and it's very nice.

    The new addition to the family will be my 2012 Ingot Silver GT. She's already taken a train ride from the FR Michigan plant to Baltimore, MD where she's getting a ziebart treatment and prepared for the boat ride across the Atlantic. The military car sales guys are telling me it should be here the week of the 4th of July...I can't wait.

    My wife and I will fly to Bremerhaven, Germany to pick it up at the port and then it's a 7-hour drive back to our house. We plan on a 2 or 3 day trip around Northern Germany sprouts for us (if you are following the E-Coli outbreak in the news).

    Anyway, I've been reading the forums for about a month now. Thanks for all the info. I already have a garage full of parts and pieces and don't even have the car yet. :nice:
  2. Thank you for serving our country :flag:. You're so lucky that you're going to be owning a brand new GT. Post pics of it so that we can see it. Also welcome to the forum.
  3. Welcome to Stangnet :SNSign:
    What type of parts are waiting for the car?