Progress Thread Another notchback... 88 OE project


Formerly: redcandy2011gt
Sep 24, 2009
So, I'm a glutten for punishment as it seems so I picked up another black 5.0/T5 notch, this one has around 50,000 miles on it and 99% original (including paint). Actually has a build thread here: Compared to my 87 which is far from stock (TFS top end kit, Z-spec T5, 4.10 gears, Max motorsport Tubular K-member, arms, adjustable LCA, front coilover, Cobra brakes on 4 corners, etc...)

Washed it


Some shine on the OE paint

I'll be updating this thread and the original article as well :)
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Formerly: redcandy2011gt
Sep 24, 2009
yup... hard to find stuff. I have time anyway and looks like I need to also find battery cables. May not be NOS but LMR had some nice ones, wonder if they still sell them. Edit I don't think they have the same repro as before, I remember the set I bought had the Ford numbering on them, the new ones don't seem to have that?


i'm familiar with penetration
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
You can still get battery cables from FOrd, but they aren't NOS. They lack the part numbers on the cable and just have the vendor's name on them. Basically they are aftermarket, but show up in a Ford bag. I bought a set for my car.
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