Another Oil Change Question Xd

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  1. Sorry Newbie here.
    Am changing my rear main seal because i'm doing my clutch so might as well and was wondering what kind of oil and how much in my 95' cobra (its factory stock)
  2. 10W-30, about 5 quarts. Definitely change your rear main seal if you have the clutch out.

  3. Do up the pilot shaft bearing as well while its open.... they're cheap. Some kits come with em anyway.
  4. I was watching a video on the rear main seal and they were saying something about a sleeve and then a little tool so it hammers in evenly? do I need that stuff? where to get?

    and for the pilot bearing i noticed there was grease inside when i took it out? do i need to regrease that area? how to put the new one in?
  5. They come pre-greased as a roller bearingis in there... no reason to add any grease.I usually find a large socket the same size and use the to seat it back on place. If you have it out already you have it dicked... They can come out hard.

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  6. You don't need a special tool. Jab a screw driver in between the block and the seal and pry it out. Lightly sand the surface of the crank shaft where the seal rides to give it a fresh break in surface. Clean it off. Then put a little oil around the crankshaft and tap in a new seal with a small hammer. That seal tends to be real easy to put in.