Another question about the supercoupe supercharger?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Danamal3.8, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Well let's see I got my car this summer as a graduation gift from my parents. :flag: So I work this summer and besides getting some black powder coated cobra r's :banana: I ended up figuring out how to fix the wiring for the speakers which the previous owner had totally screwed up :mad: !! I also got a K&N filter. Now this summer I was driving and yes I like the convertable and it's nice but, after riding and driving around with my friend in his WRX I realized one thing....... I need more power (After many of his trashings on my car :nonono: I know I didn't spend 20k on my car and i dont wanna race him just next summer when we mess around on the high way I want a little revenge) . Unfortunately, now Im in college so of course im broke.
    So I'm trying to figure out how to get my car into lets just say the high 14s (1. because he sucks at shifting 2. because he beats his car ) As cheap as possible.

    I was thinking maybe a supercharger off a supercoupe but, for all my reading and much confusion can't figure out what I need to do it with my 95.

    After that what do you think. Any advice? Could you please put what I'd expect to pay. I figured Id get this out here early so I could have a plan of attack when it came time for a summer job. Thanks for all the help! :nice:

    As of now it looks like my friend with his 90 lx recently turbocharged is gonna have to defend the mustangs honor :flag:
  2. It would probably be cheapest to get the whole supercoupe motor from a Junkyard or look around for one then just drop the whole thing in. Not sure how much it will cost but if you want to get into the 14's with a 95 your gonna be spending a couple grand for sure!
  3. Look, if you have no other ambitions, get a vortech without an intercooler. You can pick a used one up for around 1000 and install it for a couple hundred more. Then with all the extra parts you need(injectors,fuel pump, etc...) it will be around a 2000 dollar job. That should put you at a mid to high 14.

    trust me, the supercoupe swap is not an just isn't.(under your budget)
  4. Around $2000 at least.