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  1. Finally I have my car. I'm 21 and this is the first car I've had with my name on the title. I'm beyond stoked on this one. After nearly 4 months of waiting, I took delivery of my car this weekend. I think I had a smile on my face the entire day. My camera saves pics at 2MB, so they are too big to attach. So I'm adding a link, I hope it works. This week it gets a cold air intake, SCT Tuner, lowered 1.5 inches, 18x9 TSW wheels, 275/40/18 Pirelli tires. Soon to come: silver stripes, classic chin spoiler from CDC and Boss 429 hood scoop (I've already purchased these parts, just trying to fit an appoinment for installation into my busy schedule). I'll post more pics when the mods are done. Now I just need to master the complexities of manual transmission... :rolleyes:

  2. Congratulations! One of my favorite colors too.
  3. Congrats! Nice color! At 21 I was a poor college student driving a 1987 Subaru hatchback (with my name on the title)...sad, really. I could hardly make the payments, much less do any "mods"... :rlaugh:

    Enjoy it!!
  4. CONGRATS, melinalee - she's smoking HOT! Can't wait to see her with new stripes and other mods!

  5. Since you're only 21 (I'm 19), can you tell me where you work so I can get all that stuff done to my car?
  6. Bleedingvayne, since you enquired - I am in the Army. I'm a cadet at USMA. But enough about my source of income, what do you think of the car? BTW, thanks for all the congrats. Now can anyone suggest a 05 Mustang car cover for less than $150? Thanks a bunch. Tootles!
  8. Damn, I'm starting to feel more patriotic now and less like a pizza-maker!
  9. congrats melinalee, im in md but i spend alot of time in springfield. Hope to see u around.
  10. Yay for Patriotism! And Yay for American Muscle!

    GIRL POWER, indeed!! Go ZenGirl Go!
  11. DRTC, You might just me around in the Springfield area. I'll be the one stalled at a stoplight holding up traffic. LOL (actually, that's kind of sad. But I am getting better. Besides, I've on had him for 3 days).

    P.S. Any one know of a 05 Mustang car cover I can get for under $150?
  12. Congrats she looks great.
  13. It actually a little more than $150. But it comes in a blue.
  14. nice car, im jealous!
  15. Melinalee,

    21 AND YOU ALREADY BOUGHT A CAR??? In MY day we had to make our own cars!!! We had to pattern them after Fred Flinstone's and we had to gnaw a petrified oak to form the axles!!! We had to chisel granite using nothing but the teeth we lost because of the scurvy!! We weren't allowed to have an engine in it until they paved the roads!! If we got caught running above 5 mph, the penalty was the loss of a toe (lucky for me I was born on Newfoundland so I got 17 toes). I could go on and on but I have to stoke the fire and skin my catch for the day. You young'uns don't know how good you have it!!

    OK, kidding aside, sincere congrats. This is my first Mustang and I love it. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!!
  16. Thanks yall, and thanks for the car cover info. I think I'm going to get either the one on Classic Design Concepts' or SS Insert's website. I can't decide. Are they the same thing? If not, which is better????

    Classic Design Concepts

    SS Insert
  17. My choice is the Classic Design Concepts one; I'm going to order one for my girlie today.

    PS -just realized your refer to yours as HIM and I've been saying HER; sorry!! Bit of gender muscle-car confustion!
  18. My car is a boy; his name is Sebastian (no signifigance with this name, I just thought it fit). I figured boys have cars that are girls, and girls own cars that are boys. :D
  19. I've always loved that name...Sebastian...esp. with the Spanish pronunciation. :nice: Mine's a girl, tho'. I assumed they were all girls. Makes sense that she should'a been a boy. Too late, tho' she's been named and got her plate and all. I don't thinks she's up for one of those transgender operations, either...
  20. This is the first brand-new car I've ever owned! And it feels good... It gets a fair amount of looks, but its not a Premium, nor is it a GT... but since I am in Germany, Germans flip out when they see it... I've gotten a fair amount of kills on the Autobahn!