Another Stupid Exhaust Thread

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  1. Changing up the exhaust a little and I need some help/advice. Currently I have an O/R H-pipe to Flowmaster 40's(typical obnoxiously loud Mustang exhaust). I'm looking to switch it up to an O/R X-pipe to a set of Magnaflows. But my question is, which mufflers do you guys recommend? I'd like to get the ones from the cat-back kit but I don't know a part # for them or where I could buy them from other than Magnaflow direct.
  2. youtube videos work great for picking out what you want. My guess is start there
  3. Been there haha that's the best way to determine what you want, and it's the worst way to get answers on what people are running. Hence this thread lol I hate making threads about things that have been answer hundreds of times. Searching hasn't really gotten me anywhere so far.
  4. First things first, crawl under your car and with a tape measure and measure the length, width and height of the body of the Flowmaster muffler that's currently on your car.
  5. I'd venture to guess you'd want the 14" case magnaflow, 18" if you want it a bit tamer.
  6. Magnaflow, with an X pipe. Call it done.
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  7. Is that all I'm looking for when buying it then? Size?
  8. Size and the inlet/outlet configuration, I forget what this needs to be when using a muffler such as a magnaflow but it would mirror whatever the flowmaster setup is now I would think if you intend on retaining the same tailpipes. You're best bet would be to actually measure the length of your current flowmasters to make the swap as painless as possible.
  9. I forgot the add I have the 3" Flownaster tips