Another stupid newbie question


Dec 18, 2006
Burlington, NJ
Why can't anyone order their car from the factory WITH the FR supercharger? It would be SOOO hard to explain to my wife that I want to spend another 5-6K after the cost of the car for more HP. But if it "came" with the car already, well then, that's another story! I submit to my experts! :hail2:
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New Member
Mar 29, 2007
Have the dealer install it and add it to the sticker price. As a matter of fact, have them put two on there so my wife doesn't bitch at me either. :D

Or you could always just buy a GT500.


New Member
Jul 28, 2007
You can order a car from the factory with the FR super charger, it's called the shelby GT 500 hee hee.

Five Oh Brian

Jun 13, 2007
Pacific Northwest
Dealers install all kinds of parts on brand new cars and roll the cost into the loan. No difference with an FRPP blower. Have the dealer figure the parts/labor into the deal and pray the bank will do the loan with the extra cost added in.
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