Another Turbo Fox Build Thread

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  1. I've had my car almost a year now, it being a busted *** 4 banger when I got it.

    The big goal I had in mind ever since buying it was to go turbo. Finally it's time to meet that goal. :D

    Yesterday I got my first box of parts in the mail. Actual turbo setup should be here mid next week or so. It shipped today.

    Summit ignition box, boost gauge, gauge pillar, and exhaust wrap.


    Got the car in the shop last night and work on it for an hour or so.


    Pile 'o parts.


  2. subscribed. very nice coupe, what turbo kit did you get?
  3. Thanks, I went with the On3 kit. I used to dislike them back when the hotside was stainless, but it appears they are holding up now that Chad is using mild steel headers and cross-over.
  4. Yeah! Another turbo coupe. What size turbo? I have a Quicktime turbo system with the upgraded 67mm Precision turbo. Installing the FAST XFI system in a couple weeks. Then I will have numbers. Do you have a stock block? How are you going to tune it? Manual boost or electronic? Keep us posted!
  5. My buddy just bought a 76mm turbo kit from them for his 351w. He is installing it right now. Seems everyone is going turbo. They still make nitrous? :)
  6. You've done more with that car in less than a year than I've done to mine in 8 years, haha.

    What are your power goals? Does the car still have stock heads?
  7. For an ex 4banger that car looks clean.
  8. I'm just going to run a Master Power T70, with the .68 exhaust housing.

    Yeah, stock block, and I'm going to see if I can get the boost I want just off the wastegate spring, if not. I'll look into a hallman (not sure how it's spelled) manual controller.

    I'm still not sure about tuning, it would be easiest to take it to john and have an sct chip burned. But I'd like to get into tuning myself. If I went that route, I'd buy the moates quarterhorse setup.

    And seeing the other John's (haha) build pop up is what made me finally just order my kit.

    Haha, I get bored easy. So I constantly tinker on the thing the keep interest in it.

    Right now, I just want to make 400rwhp on the stock long-block.

    Thanks, it's far from perfect. But I try to keep it clean. :nice:
  9. We all have Nik, lol.
  10. I wasn't feeling very ambitious after work today, so all I got done was putting the car on jackstands and pulling this mess off.

  11. Hey man, I got the car when I was 17, haha. So, for the first year I owned it I was a broke high school kid and for 5 years after that, I was a broke-ass college kid.

    That leaves me with the last two years in which I got married and bought a house.

    ****... I'm never going to get anything done on that car, am I?
  12. now that you got a wife its not lookin so hot. haha
  13. Well all the work your doing for the army you better step up again!Just buy that GT shelly was telling me about drop the motor out of the coupe in it.Then build that 427 in your shop with a 80mm.............well thats what it will take soon!:D peace

  14. Sweet another turbo stang to terrorize the streets of the PNW! Care to LMK the part numbers on those parts you just got!lookin sweet me and ben will have to find our way up there and cruise with you!peace


  15. Yeah, now that my car isn't a lame stocker, I want to start getting around to some of the events and cruises.

    Here's links to the crap I ordered from Summit.

    Auto Meter 12100 - Auto Meter Pillar Gauge Pods - Overview -

    Auto Meter 3303 - Auto Meter Sport-Comp Analog Gauges - Overview -

    Design Engineering DEI 010108 - DEI Exhaust Wrap - Overview -

    Summit Racing SUM-850610 - Summit Racing Street & Strip® Multi-Spark Digital Capacitive Discharge Ignitions - Overview -
  16. Got my pump in the mail yesterday, and picked up a new fuel filter.

    View attachment 211055

    So last night I dropped the tank and got the walbro in.

    View attachment 211056

    Of course, when I try to test it before putting the tank back it wont work.
    Turned out after an hour of cussing, one of the leads on the cheapo but-connector pulled out when I dropped the cage in.
  17. wow great work, very exited to see the build up, love that coupe it looks great. hopefully you dont find out what scrap metal is worth when you put that power through your T5
  18. :eek: Man it woulda been bad if it woulda arc'd when you turned the key on!!!!
  19. Yeah, I am hoping it lasts a little while. I'm not much of a power shifter, and the clutch is about the equivalent of a King Cobra. So maybe it'll slip before something breaks? :shrug: One can only hope. Haha.

    I wondered about that too, but I also don't know how the electrical setup works, after all, it's just bare connections in the tank.
  20. right on man. car is gonna be nice. let me know how the install goes.

    i just paid off the line of credit i took for my last big project (wheels/brakes). i will be taking another 2000 for the next one (turbo). just waitin for the crappy weather.