Another Turbo Fox Build Thread

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  1. I'm beginning to think that some people just can't handle it when things aren't as easy as just an A-B swap. I've heard so many people say "OMGWTFBBQ On3 suxors!!!1!" And then I hear other people say "On3 FTMFWinnar!!!" That it's getting to the point where I have to think that some of these people are just doing it wrong, or they aren't telling you something. Like that their car has been sawed in half and welded back together. :p
  2. ^ +1

    NO turbo kit is going to fit 100% out of the box IMO. So id go into that project with the mindset that i will need to fab and get creative on some things. Regardless if i got the 2k on3 kit, or the 6k hellion turbo kit.
  3. You would be shocked at how well the Hellion kit goes on when it comes from Hellion new in the box ;)

    Keep the progress coming and we demand video!!!
  4. Progress has been very slow since last weekend. I think I wrapped my other crossover pipe. Lol

    I was hoping my Moates chip would come in before this weekend, but no such luck. So I guess I'll be doing some more jackstand racing for now.
  5. I noticed some coolant boiled out the last time I drove the car. After tinkering today it looks like its popped a head basket.

    Just my luck. Lol.
  6. oh man that sucks
  7. Yeah, I'm still unsure. I did pulled plugs and did a compression test. I didn't see any waterfouled plugs, and cylinder pressuse checked out fine.
  8. how's the oil? where did you see the coolant?
  9. I spaced checking the oil. I'll get to it in the morning. The only place I've seen coolant was out of the cap last time I drove it.

    I'm wondering if I lifted a head and filled the coolant system with air? Maybe its overheating because the t stat is air locked.
  10. Having air in the coolant is not uncommon after having the car completely apart... Start it up with the front end jacked up and monitor it to make sure you see good flow and it will burp the air out....
  11. Well, I pulled the dip stick and the oil was nice and milky. So I tore it down this afternoon, I guess I'm not good at diagnosing a blown head gasket.

    Does this piston look like it was getting water to it? I see the clean spot in the corner next to the water jacket.

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  12. Ouch... hard to tell but it could be getting a little water. Do you have a picture of the gasket? What do the valves look like in that cylinder?
  13. how long did you run it before you noticed?
  14. Man, that hurts. I'm really sorry to see that. Now you can go for a DART BLOCK! :D You should have planted the money tree seeds that come in the glove compartment of every fox body.
  15. I can get pictures of the gaskets.

    I ran it for a few minutes at most after it blew. Just idling in the shop to figure out what the problem was.

    I cant say I havent been thinking of alum. Heads and an aftermarket block. Lol.

    On a good note. My ptp turbo blanket came in today. Pretty nice looking piece.

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  16. I'd throw some gaskets back on it with some head studs and not worry about it. Get it tuned and it'll last, no need to go overboard when you don't have to.
  17. That's the plan. I need to put away some money for an astro t5 or something, anyway.
  18. yeah I'd bolt 'er up and drive it till she really pukes
  19. Dropped the heads off at the machine shop. $70 for a re surface and pressure test, I didn't think that was too bad.

    I also got my chip from moates today. Installed it this evening.

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    And no tuning laptop is complete without a stig sticker. Lol.

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  20. ever used a moates chip before?