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  1. My V6 stick came without the T-lok (limited slip differential) 7.5 inch rear end / I just got the bare bones (base) model ... and I find that I'm really needing the traction now that the roads are slick.

    Anyway, V6 Mustangstuff has the Ford Racing T-Lok Differential available at a screaming 199.99


    what do you think? Good deal? Anyone done the install yet?
  2. Quite a few have done this install and been really happy with it. Along with gears, it will be my next mod. It seems to be holding up to a lot of torque for those that have added nitrous. Haven't seen it for less than at
  3. any advantage in going with the Auburn unit over the Ford Racing T-lok
  4. It would be able to handle more power, thats about it. and all the v6's (base model or not) dont have a tlok.
  5. yeah... the t-lok should be able to handle anything up to a major power-adder... like a super or turbo charger. But, if you're getting up to this point it might be better just to go with with a bigger rear.
  6. I opted for a Detroit TrueTrac (after reading of spider gears breaking on a car with 150HP shot of nitrous) and 3.73s (want to hit 60 in 2nd gear). I also put on a girdle (for reinforcement) which called for a panhard relocation bracket so that the panhard bar would clear the girdle. I believe my set-up will be stronger than anything I will ever need it for, as I will probably call it a day at 300 RWHP.

    I know a guy who runs 100 shots of nitrous on his T-Lok and it holds up just fine. He pushes 253RWHP and 384RWTQ and his is still good. But if you have the money, do a little research and buy what will bets suit your needs.
  7. I got my tlok from stangstore on ebay for 185 shipped. Got my gears for 144 from and got the bearing kit for it as well.

    A note on the install, make sure you take it to a shop that knows ford rear ends. I took it to a shop that didn't and nearly ruined my rear end. Luckily I caught it in time and took it to a proper mustang shop. Call you local mustang club and get a reference to a shop.

    TLOK vs. TruTrac all depends on your HP goals. I think the FR part is good for 300-350ish RWHP easy. Keep in mind this part uses the same design/materials as the stock GT diff. But most will tell you, if you plan on going 400RWHP plus, go with the trutrac.

    As for me, my goal is to push the TLOK to its limits, if it breaks, I'll just put an 8.8 in and call it a day. I want to see what the TLOK can really handle safely with a girdle and panhard relocation bracket.

    My goal is a 55-60HP shot of N20 on top of a TC/SC.

    Of all my mods, the TLOK/gears have to be my favorite. You will feel the difference instantly. Ford should have put a tlok in this car standard. Oh well, what else is new.
  8. No worries there, my goals are much more modest than that. I just want all the power that I do have transfered to BOTH Wheels

    That's great news! Just the kind on mod that I'm wanting right now.

    I've found a local installer who specializes in Ford Rear-end (Hey! its L.A. we've got all kinds of options here), that came recommended by some of the best Speed-shops and Tuners in the area .... $150.00 was his phone quote. :hail2:

    Like you said,,, "what else is new."?
  9. I'm getting 3.73s, TrueTrac, girdle and panhard bar relocation bracket put in this week. I hope.
  10. Which girdle did you go with?
  11. > > > > > :lol: < < < < <
  12. What is the method of traction control that Ford is using then ???
  13. It is my understanding that traction control uses the ABS to slow down the wheels that are spinning faster than others. I thought that meant I had limited slip as well when I first bought the car. Boy, was I mad when I foud out!

  14. hey are you talking about me again??? LOL!

    My Trac-Lock is holding up with numerous abusive launchs at the track! One thing people will point out is the Trac-Lock is clutch based and thereby a terrible solution...truth is yes, it is clutch based and they will eventually wear out but it is designed to be rebuilt fairly inexpensively...

    Now Powerhouse did kill his track-lock... however as you pointed out it was with 150 (maybe 125) shot of N20... this was a very very hard launch (probably 5000RPM???) on sticky tires! Something most of us won't be doing... LOL!

  15. Yep, and as you often point out, for us autos we should be fine with the traclokk. Unless he didn't mean you and someone else is running around with a 100HP shot auto....but I haven't posted numbers yet. LOL.
  16. thanks for the tip !

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    SCORE! :banana: :banana:

    and I'll be looking forward to it too .....
  17. Of course I am talking about you! You are our inspiration! Sorry about taking a HP from you. Here, you can have it back now. :hail2:
  18. He's got plenty of HP to go around! :rlaugh: