Another Upgrade coming / T-Lok Differential

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  1. Keep in mind that with limited slip differentials that strength is only one factor. You also want a LS diff that locks up firmly (especially for drag racing). The Tlok does not lock up as well as the TT or the Auburn (those Auburn LS's are pretty stout-I likey).

    You can add clutch discs to the tlok to firm them up though. Any good shop can do this relatively cheaply. We used to do this to our 4by's to get them to act more like a locker than a LS.
  2. Got it! > MVC-029F.JPG <
  3. For those of you who have done this mod, what is the approximate labor cost involved? I live in NJ (duh) and wonder what a shop *should* be charging me for the install. Figure everything included (LSD + labor) and/or just the labor (for if I buy it myself). I want to have some information before I head to a shop all unprepared and get $$ rolling in the mechanics eyes like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Thanks, in advance, for the advice.
  4. Here you go:

    -Labor: $250-325 (most shops charge in the 300 range)
    -Gears: $144-200
    -Bearings: $70-80
    -TLOK: $185-200 (got mine from stangstore on ebay for 185 shipped)

    Take it from me, get a reference on an installer from your local mustang club. I didn't and the shop I took it to first almost ruined my rear end. Then I called my mustang club and they referred me to Excessive. Now only Excessive touches this car.
  5. I just had 3.73 gears and an Auburn lsd installed. Cost me just under $850 for parts, labor and an hour of dyno time to calibrate my speedo.

    I have yet to give the Auburn a real test though... babying it quite a bit for the first few hundred miles. Feels very solid so far. I did take a semi-hard launch at around half-throttle... I gotta say, it was oh so satisfying hearing both tires yelp.
  6. Right on. You were smart on your approach, you did your tires/rims/duals and just sat back on the forums and watched everyone do mods. Then all of the sudden, you picked the best of breed approach.

    I do need to get a girdle and panhard relocation bracket.

    So, you havent done a hard launch yet. Please, ya gotta do it, and take her around a hard corner. If I were you, I will grab the keys and do it right this minute!
  7. ha! All righty.... the streets are finally dry today... hard launch coming up today!
  8. VIDEO!!! hahah

  9. Hamidlmt,

    This is beautiful man. Thank you for this! This made my day, well in combination of my Steelers winning today. But still, your clip sounds awesome, and the peel out is excellent. Man that is one mean sounding exhaust system!

  10. Rygen.. no problem! Thanks! And... great job Steelers! haha!
  11. nice vids!

    now... wait until you have a 90+ degree day... find some nice clean asphalt... i've found it can be very slick...great for burnouts... without even touching the brakes and usually pretty smokey! LOL! I did one for the guys at the local Tuffy! The whole length of the building (about 7 bays plus office). BIG BLACK LINES... lots of smoke and a whole lot of cheering!!!
  12. Scrming... ha! I'll have to shoot another vid this summer. It was pretty cold out today... in the low 50's.
  13. Ford Racing T-lok install

    The whole ordeal was quick and painless ...

    $175 for the T-lok from the `stangstore and another $198 [+ 2 1/2 hours] for the install today.

    I'm very pleased with the performance gain ,, and I really have to wonder why Ford was so shortsighted as to not make this unit an option at least ... :ban:

    What's wrong with Ford these days???