anti sieze on intake mani bolts?

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  1. Should I use anti sieze on intake manifold bolts?
  2. I usually don't. The torque spec is only like 25lbs.

  3. Ok. The reason I ask is because when I took off the the lower the passenger side bolts were like finger tight
  4. You should use anti-seize anywhere that steel/iron contacts aluminum, at least in a perfect world.
  5. Are you asking about anti-seize or Loctite?
    If you are thinking about a thread locker, like Loctite, then no, you don't use that on intake bolts.
  6. Ok so no to loctite but possibly yes to anti seize?
  7. Anti-seize would be a good idea as stated before anywhere where steel contacts aluminum. Otherwise, you risk galvanic corrosion due to the dissimilar metals.
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  8. sounds like a plan
  9. i would...anything I take apart gets re-assy'd with it. I'm always changing up stuff and I know dis-assy is gonna be easy if I use...just personal preference here.
  10. I always used a little oil. Maybe next time ill use anti-seize
  11. Yeah, the good thing about anti-seize is that it is formulated to stop the chemical corrosion created by combining stee/iron with aluminum, and unlike oil, it will be there forever, until you take it back apart.

    The bad part is that anti-seize gets on EVERYTHING!
    You will be so perfect with it, and make sure it gets on nothing... and when you look down, it will be on everything. :)
    Your hands, clothes, fender, and anything else in the area.
  12. It washes up easy though.