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  1. Thanks, but when you finish that process, it goes to a dealer submit, and they pick up the process. That's actually what started my failed journey.
  2. Wow, that is incredibly frustrating! Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you find a dealer with you Baby Boss, even if it means a road trip.

    I wonder why Ford is saying you can order it that way but then turns around and says that you can't. Werd.
  3. Without 55D or 55R, there's really no reason to even continue building any GTs.
  4. OP: The reason that your order got kicked out for a 2013 is that they're almost at model changeover. They're about to start building 2014s, and as I understand it, the order banks are either open, or soon will be, for the 2014 MY (at least for the GT500s). GTs will change over at the same time. I'd guess from the limitations listed, they're probably not projected to have the parts available to fulfill those options. That's the bad news. The good news is, you should be able to order a 2014 exactly like you want it very soon, if not already.

    If you can't wait, I'd suggest doing a much broader search yourself, rather than depending on your local dealer. That's how I bought my Shelby. I've been told you can do the same thing by or, but the way I did my search was to go to, then search dealer inventories. This site will not only show you what they dealer has in stock, but will also show you any inbound orders that have a VIN (meaning they're either already built and shipped, or within about a week of build date). You can search the entire country, although you have to do it one dealer at a time, so it takes a little while. You can also find some good deals if you're willing to work at it. Think about it, if you're in TX, you can get to most of the US and drive the car back for $1500 or less (one way ticket out, gas for the drive back). A lot of places you can save that $1500 in purchase price, particularly given the local dealer climate you described in another post.
  5. Reordered today. Dropped of my deposit check after work today. :)
  6. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing pcs. :)
  7. Got my VIN today. :)
  8. What exactly did you end up building? Or settling for?
  9. You know you can go to a website and punch that VIN in and get your window sticker, right?
  10. No settling, exactly the same car but is a 2014:
    Base GT,black/black
    Track Package
  11. Link?
  12. Thats kinda wack that they rejected it rather than telling you they could build it in a 2014.
  13. PGear head, How about some pics of that Capri in your sig? Always loved the Capri fender flares.

    Mine was a 79, turbo 4. First car, bought it when I was in college at the age of 20. Drove the snot out of it for 5 years and 50K HARD miles.
  14. Very cool Husky. Thanks
  15. Sir, you are doing it right.
  16. Taking delivery tomorrow. Woo-hoo!
  17. I have to dig it out of the junk.. I have 2 of them both buried in a garage.
  18. Dang, that was QUICK!

    Beautiful car! Love black, as long as I don't have to keep it clean.:D

    Gotta say, I like those wheels too! Enjoy!