Any Active NE OH Mustang Groups?

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  1. I drive around cleveland (eastside) and I never see any mustang clubs or cruises or anything. Lots of cars, but not once is have I ever seen a group gathering. Does any NEOH Mustang club exist? :shrug:
  2. Just bought an 03 GT Centennial edition today.I'd like to find a club as well and partake in some cruise-ins! I'm just down the road in Cuyahoga Falls. :nice:
  3. I'm probably gonna go up to the Solon cruise night on June 21; im going to see if any groups are up there. Also, there is a mustang group that is more akron based but they seem pretty cool as well.
  4. Figures...I work nights during the week :(
  5. ouch that sucks... well i think friday or saturday night they have "street racing" at the track im sure some people would be out there.. can you make it to that? i might be there for it this coming up friday
  6. No can do on Fri. but Sat/Sun are good. One day I'll have a real shift,lol...4pm-12am shift kinda sucks :notnice:
  7. :notnice: I know your pain I used to work crazy shifts like that too. I'm sure that there are other places around here where people meet up but I don't know of any others except Dynotech in eastlake. When they have a Ford only dyno day, a lot of mustangs are up there... usually the fastest around. Last time I was up there they had an 03 Cobra with a KB supercharger making 605 to the wheels. People there are usually pretty nice once you start talking with them. I'm gonna call there monday and see when the next day is.. it's always on a saturday i know that though.
  8. That sounds pretty cool. A Cobra with 605 rwhp...WOW! I'd lose my mind driving something that powerful...not to mention some Benjamin's after the police issue the tickets,LOL!!!
  9. I hear ya on that haha; I'll post on monday when the dyno day is if your interested

  10. Absolutely!!!!,,,appreciate it! :nice:
  11. Tried to call Steve around 6:30 tonight and he wasnt at the shop... i'll get ahold of him tomorrow afternoon and post when it'll be. I'll probably be up there saturday morning whether there are a lot of people up there or not... gettin my car tuned and dyno'd.
  12. Would you happen to know of a muffler shop that I can get Flowies or Magnaflows installed at a low price? The stockers just don't have a deep enough rumble for me.
  13. Yea you can call a guy i know pretty well his name is Frank; he owns a place called all engine and transmission.. he's over in euclid (thats where my car is at right now) they do great work. You can reach him at 216-261-0100.
  14. Thank ya much ! :nice:
  15. Just moved here

    hey all,
    I just moved to the cleveland area, (chagrin falls) yesterday. I too am looking for a cleveland based mustang club. I moved from the phoenix area, I was and still am involved with a group back there, I dont have a stang but i absoultly love em. I was thinking if we dont find a club maybe we should make our own?? as there is practically none round here so far. Just my .02 thanks and nice to meet ya.

    John John
  16. Nice to meet ya...don't know of any clubs myself.Just got my Stang last Sat. and love it! I'm with ya,maybe we do need to start our own club. If you're looking for a place to get a Stang I have a good friend that works at Liberty Ford in Maple Heights (Cleveland). That's where I just got mine.
  17. We should check out; someone from this website suggested that we go there and look into joining the ohio chapter.. only thing is they mainly meet around the akron area as opposed to the cleveland area. Oh well hopefully we'll attract a few more NEOH stang people by keeping this thread alive.

    P.S. Welcome to the group John John
  18. Thanks, sounds good to me guys. I could possibly check with my buddy jeff who runs 1320stangs if we could have a section in the site for cleveland stangers. Or he could help me create a site specifically for us. I seriously doubt he would mind at all, hell i think he would love the idea of being national cuz its just based out of phoenix. Either way is good for me just let me know and Do you want me to check with him?

    John John
  19. I dont see why we couldn't give it a try; anything to get the NEOH mustang crew involved in the scene would be a good thing :)
  20. Let's do it...gitter dun!,lol!!!!