Any Active NE OH Mustang Groups?

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  1. Cool!...just wish there were more cruise in's closer to the Akron area. Then again there might be but I work nights and haven't heard of any round here on the weekends
  2. Doesnt sound like a bad idea.. might have to try and swing out there next sunday. thanks for the heads up!
  3. What time does the QS&Lube cruise in start on Sundays?
  4. I get there around 4:30 and it's supposed to start by 6pm but it gets very crowded with no room to park by 6 so get there early.
    Great atmosphere.

  5. Sheffield is a drive for me. Aww who am I kidding. I drove to Norwalk last night for 3 hours of racing. :D

    I'll have to try it some sunday where I don't have to be back by 7pm or so.
  6. sounds like good times.. didnt realise there were these events all over the place. I heard that they closed down annabelle's out in Mentor (because of the ricers starting fights up there) and now they all meet at the Burger King in willoughby.. Thats not a car show, that's a golf cart display as far as I'm concerned. I wish some place would open up around here that would do car shows and such... and spike strip the ricers when they try to come in and ruin our fun :D
  7. Joe there's lots of shows and stuff. I can go to a show Tuesday, Friday Saturday and Sunday...but my Gasoline fund isn't stocked like it use to be. :rlaugh:
  8. maybe i'm just driving around the wrong areas? haha

    Get one of those little coin jars that says "Gasoline Fund" :rlaugh:
  9. Just wanted to give a big thanks to all I met tonight at the Brunswick Cruise In. All of ya are a class act and damn good people! :nice: :nice:
  10. Right back at ya. We always have a good time. :nice:
  11. hell yea that was definitely a lot of fun, it was nice meeting everyone.. when do we go again?? :D those damn ricers were pretty funny too... glad to see that they didnt cause any trouble though.
  12. You guys went out the other way. While we were leaving the right way.. :rlaugh: (same way we came in) 2 state police were doing vehicle searches while 3 Brunswick cops had a couple of other SUV's pulled over. Total of 4 vehicles being searched.

    Next Saturday of course! :banana:
  13. Aww I missed the action!!! Oh well.. maybe they'll be doing a repeat showing next weekend. What time are we going to meet at, same or earlier?
  14. Oh BTW I'm having trouble making an account on mustanglife; It wont email me my password to login :fuss:
  15. A few of us were talking and getting there around 5pm would probably be better. And I'm bringing chairs next time. I always forget the chairs.

    It won't email you? Hit me up on AOL - SN = South1178
  16. It wont email me AND it wont let me IM you it says invalid name... not good
  17. Dude that's messed up. Let me know if it's like that tomorrow err I mean later today. I'll contact the website admin.
  18. FINALLY got the password this morning.... Already got post #1
  19. Oh yea.. It was almost 5 AM when the email was sent out for my pass.. little strange, no?
  20. I've registered at places where it took 24+ hrs to get the password,Guess it depends on the server :shrug: