Any Active NE OH Mustang Groups?

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  1. Thank you! I lost the web address. I knew there was a listing of them all.
  2. hey guys, im heading out to the solon show tonite bout 6 - 6:30 call my cell if you want to meet up or something, cuz me anthony and kathy are going. heres the number...480-620-5347...late

    John John
  3. Damn. Wish I had known earlier...or I would have gone.
  4. Sorry John John I can't make it tonight.. next week for sure though I'll be there
  5. newbury ohio

    Hey gang i was looking for a mustang group or gathering also. I found out about solon was going to go tonight but by the time i got around to going it was too late. Is their alot of stangs their? Well i just thought that i would say hello to everyone and introuduce myself, (Henry). Ill probably be their next week. I'll be in a burgandy and silver 93.
  6. Hi Henry. What part of Cleveland area are you? I'm Kirk.
  7. newbury ohio, and your self 02?
  8. I'm near Mayfield Heights.
  9. so is tuesday good to go for the cruise in solon?? can anyone here make it? kirk, is anyone from mustanglife going to go?
  10. I'm 50/50 on going right now...since I'm on vacation it shouldn't be a problem. Just depends on what the wife has slated for me and the kids. Anyone have an address or idea where it's at in Solon.Also what time?
  11. if you take 422 to the cochran road exit in solon, make a right, go straight over the railroad tracks and at the next light make a left, it's down that street in a shopping plaza; make a right into the plaza and go to the very end. I'd like to get there around 7 ish.. since I get out of work @ 5:45.
  12. Joe I'm not sure if they are or not. Nobody's said anything about it. You might want to post about it.
  13. Its all good im down to go again next tuesday, but one thing, get there as early as you can cuz i got there bout 6:30 - 7ish and it was already a zoo, the back lot where everything is was full already and they werent letting n e one in, so i had to park a lil like 2 min walk down the street, joe i was just a lil downt the entrence road if you know what i am talking bout, but yeah let me know, cuz anthony is down to go again, there was a bunch of nice cars but its a lot smaller than brunswicks i hear from anthony.

    my bad i forgot....whats up henry nice to meet ya man, there were a few stangs there in the main lot at solon but not as many as i would like, there was a nice Saleen, might be a clone gotta look at it better next time, few foxes, couple newer stangs, couple fastbacks, oh there was a cherry im talking mint, Mach 1 im talking the early 70s not the new ones, but yeah u should come out next time. What part of newbury, i used to live near the highschool i think, dont quote me on it cuz it was over 15 years ago, i believe the street i lived off of was quailridge, n e ways down the main road there was the manga manga, which used to be longos pizza or something haha n e ways late
  14. Yea we definitely need to add a few stangs up there.. looks like mine still wont be ready to go for tuesday though. see my post about crower cams to better explain in the tech forum.... :(
  15. solon tuesday night

    anyone going to be at solon tonight give me a shout back i am planing going if their is anything going on so either email me or post something, car is running like crap waiting on new plug wires coil tfi module and cap and rotor but im still planing on going so let me know. Henry
  16. Sorry Guys I gotta cancel. I'm taking my car to D42 tonight to get some racing in.
  17. I'd like to get something setup within the next 2 weeks with any luck at all i'll have my car back by then. perhaps the solon car show?
  18. No can do...will be back to the crappy 4-12am shift at work.
  19. Hey if anyone is interested I am 99% sure I'll be heading up to the solon car show this evening. If anyone is interested in meeting up there PM me