Any Active NE OH Mustang Groups?

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  1. anyone up for the solon show or thompson's this week??
  2. BTW Kirk, I saw you on saturday when I was pulling out of the plaza across the street from Golden Gate. I got my baby back.
  3. I got a hair cut this tuesday. 5pm so I could make it later.

    Hmm I didn't see any other stangs...dang it.
  4. I get out of work @ 5:45, so I was gonna head down there around 6-6:30
  5. woops accidently posted before i was done typing.. oh well; lets meet up again at mcdonalds and we'll cruise on out there. i'm gonna try to have my friend with his 88 5.0 out with us too.
  6. I'm going to try to make it. I've got some friends going to dragway 42, if you don't want to go to solon.
  7. im goin to thompson's wednesday night, but thanks for the offer. i dont want to run the car TOO hard on it's first voyage down the 1320, even though i opened it up twice on the freeway already. gotta take it back in the shop friday to rebuild the rear end.. got some bad bearings. dyno numbers arent too bad, it read 431 RWHP and 404 RWTQ @ 7 psi, so im probably gonna up the boost to the next size up pulley and go with a D-1SC. Im just glad to have it back for right now :banana:
  8. I'm going to Solon to pass out our Flyers for the Summit Show we are sponsoring on the 15th. Anybody else going to Solon this Tuesday?
  9. i should be able to head up tuesday night, as long as i dont have to work overtime.
  10. still on for tonight?
  11. Yes I'm still on. I am going to be there around 6:30ish. You still got my cell right?
  12. I saw how long this post was and thought there were like 50 people in NE Ohio posting...which amazed me since it seems like there are hardly any cool 'stangs around here. Figures it was only like 5 people posting. If you do anything, let me know. I live in Shaker. -Alex

    These is this going on this weekend that I might check out...

    Event Name: Car Show Event
    Start Date: 08/08/2004
    End Date: 08/08/2004
    Location: Liberty Ford Superstone, 5500 Warrensville Ctr Rd
    City: Maple Heights
    State: OH
    Description: Sponsored by Liberty Performance Ford & Mustang Club, benefiting the Holy Family Cancer Home, all makes & models, awards top 25 cars; Liberty Ford Superstone, 5500 Warrensville Ctr Rd; 8 am-3 pm;
    Spectator Fee: free
    Registration Fee: $10 Contact Name: Dan
    Contact Phone: 216-741-3393
  13. Actually we're part of a club named BuckeyeStangs. You can check us out at under Ohio chapter. We have a few events coming up. We are renting out Norwalk raceway to have a little fun and we're sponsoring the 1st Annual Mustang Show at Summit Racing on Aug 15th.
  14. yeah what Scootr said. Also that liberty show, A Screaming yellow Mach and a Competition Orange Mach from our group will be there. Bob and Kurt. You should look them up.
  15. I'll look them up.
  16. Okay Cool. I would be there if I wasn't going to the brickyard 400 on Sunday.