Any available valve covers for 01 Mustang GT?

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  1. I'm looking for just a lil more engine bling. So far, I could only find valve covers that BBK makes for 99-04's. Does anyone know any other valve covers for a 281 engine (preferably made by Ford)?
  2. Check out Team Breed cam covers. They are nice.
  3. Ive been looking for some also. I havn't found any except for those BBKs. I wish Ford racing would make some.
  4. Me too. For the 2v 4.6 that is. FRPP has nice coil-pack covers for the 4v 4.6 and already has replacement valve covers for the new 3v 4.6. Come on Ford...would it kill you to make a nice "Ford Racing" valve cover set for the ole 2v? :mad:
  5. I want the valve covers to have something written on it like the BBK ones that say "Modular V8"

    I like the ones that say "Ford Racing" or "Powered by Ford" or something of the sort. I'm showing my car at a employee car show at work and want some more engine bling.
  6. If I do get new valve covers, do I need to buy anything else? Or do they just slip in without any extra modifications?
  7. I have the team breed polished aluminum also and really like them, I like chrome a little better as far as the upkeep, but I remember reading that chrome holds in heat and is not as good for engine the polished aluminum are the way to go.
    go to the website for team breed and the price includes a custom engraving or pick from their samples
  8. you could also do a canton radiator overflow tank, $230 on ebay or polished aluminum caps from upr, I think is the initials

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