Any buyer's remorse from 03/04 Cobra owners?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by onrailz, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Not even a smidgeon of buyers remorse. :nice:
  2. I am thinking of either buying this or a BMW M3 for my only car. The M3 costs so much more but is slightly more comfortable.
  3. Two different cars in my opinion. In my area I see a good 7 to 8 M3 to every cobra. I had an M3 recently and it was a good car, things I didn’t like was the shifter felt really rubbery to me and the ride was a little harsh on long trips. The back seat is more usable than the cobra, and the overall build quality and fit and finish is far superior, but the motor just doesn’t put you back in your seat like the cobra. It sounded to Honda’ish to me also.

    Just my two cents worth. :nice:
  4. You felt the M3 ride was harsher than the Cobra?
  5. Although I definately miss the raw sound and power of my 98 - I absolutely love the new 03. Smooth a$$ power, lots of class, and great looks. I may even leave her stock .

  6. Even as a daily driver I thnk it's fine except for one thing; The clutch is pretty heavy, so if you have to deal with alots of stop and go I'd say no. IF that's not an issue, the car is VERY driveable as a daily driver.
  7. I just bought a 2004 this weekend so I haven't had it long enough to find too many problems with the car that I hadn't read about it before getting mine. Just say to yourself its a $15000 dollar car with a $20000 engine.

    My neck is still sore from getting slammed back into the seat the first time I floored it. I regret not being ready for that. The car is fast enough in second gear to loose your license in a hurry. Driving it everyday will take a lot of restraint on your part. I'm serious about that.

    I wish it didnt say cobra on the back because everybody wants to race me and they just made street racing a whole new level of crime here in Florida. Just yesterday a rice rocket tryed to impress me and almost ran into the car in front of him as he was going through the light I truned right at. The car is going to attract its share of challenges thats for sure. Once again I stress the fact that this car requires restrain. It would really suck to own one of these great cars and not have a license. I'm trying to keep my clean driving record and its going to be a tough job.
  8. I guess it depends on road conditions, but yes I feel the new m3 has a harsher ride than the 03 cobras. It seemed to bottom out more over speed bumps.
  9. Yes, I do realized that this was an old thread... but I am at work (10pm on a Saturday night) and I'm bored as he11, so I was reading through the forum.

    I absolutely love my car and have no regrets whatsoever. When ever I drive it and people look (first at the car and then at me, and then I read their lips as they say "It's a chick driving") it makes it all worth the few sacrifices I make for the $689/mo payment. Ah well, can't take it to the grave with ya.

    The only one thing that I can say I don't like is that unless you are really into cars and/or Mustangs, some people just don't know what a Cobra is all about. When you see a Vette, you know it's a Vette. When you see a Cobra, it just looks like a nice Mustang (ie not so different than the V6's). But when you step on the pedal and the boost guage pegs, they soon learn what the snake on the side (and in most of our cases, the front too) means.