Any custom mods interior/exterior

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  1. ive seen many many mods that people have done to thier cars in the past ( Ex. Heads-Up digital Tachs,lights,switchs...). Im just wondering if anyone has anything new or kool to post up for me to view. :nice:
  2. Halo headrests, all white faced gauges including 3 autometer gauges. My interior is all black but i have 4 blue LED lights that come on with the headlights that accent the interior a bit. I think it looks pretty sweet at night
  3. post pics of the LED's
  4. well now I know there is another 2.3n/a guy near me.
  5. that 2.3 looks sweet as hell
  6. map pockets


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  7. Yeh thats what i thought too, also why i remembered the link :nice:
  8. somethingsimple I did was install a fox body convertable rearview mirror on my SVO. Much more light when getting into the car.