Any E7 Guys Left Out There?

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  1. My money tree is a sapling yet.
  2. Don't need to be the fastest kid on the street just pseudo respectable. I'd like out of the class battling neon srt's etc
  3. How do you like it?
  4. e7's here too. Sure is fun as heck to drive w/ stock intake manifold and heads. I only have intake pipe, aftermarket cam, headers and off-road H pipe and last but not least 3:73's and she's a blast to drive. Couldn't imagine it w/ a TFS top end kit and 100+ more HP to the wheels, might have to change my underwear if I did. Maybe I'm just easy to make happy.
  5. I still have mine.....

    ....sitting on the floor of my garage, taking up space. Aluminum heads, or nothing from here on out!
  6. at least make a coffee table or mailbox post out of them:cool:
  7. I'll see your garage floor and raise you a pair of E6s!

    IMO, E6/7s are best used for making rust stains on concrete...
  8. Ive still got mine, long term goal here though is to maintain a stock appearance. One day id like to have them ported and sitting under a ported stock intake on top of a 306, right now im more worried about a new 'vert top and paint.
  9. I had a set of those laying around when I was a teenager. I literally turned them into boat anchors. Was about the only thing they were good for. My boat actually slowed down with them in it. Lol
  10. I will admit, as much as they suck, it feels good beating up on some cars with bug aluminum heads, and when they ask what you have, you can tell them stock heads (and stock cam). :D
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  11. Hi.
    336rwhp/313rwtq, 91 octane, ran a 12.75 @ 110 last Saturday with a terrible bog on launch (1.96 60') and short shifting at 5000rpm... car needs a shift point of 7000-7200... at least by math... pretty sure the car needs deeper gears as well.
  12. What power adder you got? S/C? Turbo? Bottle fed?
  13. Nevermind, I just saw your dyno thread. Nice work. Nice car!
  14. thanks, and yes, naturally aspirated.
  15. Still got mine.
    Been sitting there in the barn since they were removed and replaced with aluminum heads.

    However I did make nice power with my E7s and stock cam on my SSC with 10 pounds of boost.
    420rwhp and its was a blast to drive
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  16. I have a set on my car and a set sitting on the table in my garage, Hopefully I'll be putting some nice aluminum heads on soon though.
  17. Two pair ported E7 heads, but only one pair is on the car. There must have been a specific racing class the PO was involved in.
  18. E7's here. I ported them back in 2003 when I built the eng. I would have loved to put aftermarket on but Idident have the money back then.