any engaged the top speed limiter ?

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  1. anyone hit the top speed limiter ?

    I heard it was set around around 115 mph. Saturday we did the Mustang Rally in Portland. Of course we got lost, more than once and had to 'make up' some time. I looked down during one particular long, straight stretch and saw we were up over 118, and didn't hit the speed default. I also heard it was set at 115 because of the u-joints in the 2005's were different design, as in not bolted together. My 2006 has the newer style ? Different top speed limit ?
  2. My mom has an 05 V6 and, while she'd kill me if she found out I did this to HER car, I've hit the speed limiter three times in her car. It hit right around 115, like you said. Looked a bit under 115, but I didn't spend much time staring at the speedo while concentrating on the road ahead. Those speeds were definitely reached on a closed airstrip. :nice:
  3. well at over 118 we did not hit, so I was wondering if it was set higher with the new u-joint design, or if it's variable on different cars. Our car is a manual and we were in 4th gear for all of our over 110 mph excursions. Straight country roads with no other traffic BTW.
  4. i hit my speed limiter at 119 with my 06 automatic.

    it almost varies, because other times i peak at 115. it mostly depends on where im at, and how i get it to the speed does it seem to matter if its 115, or 119...
  5. i have an '09 and it shuts off at 115, verified by the garmin as well
  6. seems stupid Ford would set the speed limiter at 115-ish because of the poor design of the 05 V6's U-joints, then redesign the u-joints for 06 but keep the speed limiter. It's not the tires, my GT has the exact same tires as my V6 and it'll go over 145.
  7. actually, i just remembered i chipped it back when i hit 119. hmm, i wonder if the $200 chip gave me 4 extra mph?
  8. Mine hit @115 coming home from work late one night while trying to wave at a Honder.....:rolleyes: Mine is an 07 maual....
  9. I've gone 115 on the Autobahn and never hit it, I usually stop accelerating at around 115 though.
  10. I think the speed rating on the stock 16" BF goodrich tires were only like 118 or something, lol.